Breedlove Firm Is Here to Help Clients with Legal Healthcare Disputes

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Breedlove Firm Is Here to Help Clients with Legal Healthcare Disputes

September 23
20:12 2019

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is changing. It is important for healthcare facilities to adhere to state and federal laws and regulations for continued success. Hospitals, as well as clinics and private practices, need to be aware of these laws to ensure that patients are getting the best care and receiving quality services. Following the laws associated with healthcare also decreases the chances that patients will file lawsuits or even have a legitimate case against these healthcare establishments. Breedlove Law Firm is here to ensure that healthcare facilities are aware of the laws and legal amendments associated with healthcare regulations.

The Breedlove Firm understands that healthcare providers have to navigate several complicated rules when it comes to effectively treating patients. These regulations include the federal physician self-referral prohibition, which is also known as the Stark Law. Physicians and healthcare professionals also need to know about the False Claim Act and the federal Anti-Kickback Statute, as well as other regulations put in place by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. The Breedlove Firm is committed to helping healthcare providers in the state of Louisiana, but it is important to note that some rules will differ based on health provider. For instance, public healthcare providers have to abide by additional regulations that may not apply to private practices. This is why all providers in the state should have a lawyer on their side that is familiar with these laws and can help facility managers and owners enforce them.

Breedlove Firm also knows that it is essential to have correct and current credentialing standards for staff and employees. This ensures that the healthcare facility maintains its professional reputation and decreases the chances that these establishments will be faced with liabilities. Allowing physicians to have certain privileges and giving the proper credentials to medical staff ensures proper patient care if these professionals are properly trained. The law firm can also assist with peer review and other regulatory standards that keep healthcare organizations in business.

Insurance companies, along with Medicare and Medicaid, have specific requirements concerning when medical services can be provided in a doctor’s office, hospital or specialty surgical center. If a service must be performed in a hospital, it is important to determine whether the services can be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Recently, Louisiana implemented the review of state Medicaid claims by the RAC. This means that health insurance companies also have to follow audit and review procedures to determine whether they are in compliance with healthcare laws. If these facilities do not have the correct documentation, potential sanctions and significant financial problems for the clinics or hospitals can occur.

Attorney Pamela Breedlove specializes in representing acute care and surgical hospitals, as well as physicians who practice in North Louisiana. Healthcare administrators, supplies and physicians in the state can contact Breedlove at 318-423-0845 for additional information.

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