Eidelman and Associates Offers Expert Legal Assistance for Allentown Residents

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Eidelman and Associates Offers Expert Legal Assistance for Allentown Residents

September 23
20:16 2019

There are several instances in which Allentown residents need legal services. Eidelman and Associates is committed to ensuring that all clients receive the legal advice they need to settle important issues in a timely manner.

When couples decide that they want to divorce, the process can often be complicated. That is why Eidelman and Associates offers mediation services so that both parties receive the financial compensation and visitation rights they deserve. The legal team works to ensure that if there are children involved, the children are cared for in the best possible way. Mediation also ensures that there are limited disputes among the divorcing couples, since the disputes can make the divorce process last longer than necessary.

When assets need to be divided among divorcing couples, the legal team at Eidelman and Associates will review all details of the case to ensure that fair compensation is awarded to the deserving parties. For instance, if one spouse started a business and did most of the work associated with the business, the attorney team will award the business to the deserving spouse. However, if one parent was primarily responsible for caring for the children, this parent will likely be awarded the house and other assets that will contribute to consistent child care.

Individuals who have been injured on the job or in an accident can also count on Eidelman and Associates to review their cases in detail and award the proper compensation. These cases can be complicated as well, since it can sometimes be difficult to determine who was at fault for the accident. Once this is established, the legal team will also help to determine which involved party is responsible for paying for the victim’s medical care. Having an attorney working on the case increases the chances that victims can receive care as soon as possible and receive the compensation necessary for living expenses until they are able to return to work.

Clients who are interested in starting a business will also need to help of a legal team to ensure the right paperwork is submitted to the proper entities. Business owners have to be properly registered in their city or state, and there are also several regulations regarding the sale of products in a live location or online. Eidelman and Associates has a team of qualified attorneys that are trained to walk business owners through all the necessary components of opening a company and keeping it running smoothly. It is also essential to have a lawyer on hand to settle any potential payroll disputes and take care of financial and legal matters regarding insurance and other benefits for employees. Business owners also need lawyers to protect them in copyright or intellectual property cases and to represent them when they go into business with other companies.

Individuals who live in the Allentown area and require legal services to assist them with the divorce process, opening or maintaining a business or getting assistance with personal injury cases and claims can contact Eidelman and Associates at https://www.eidelmanassoc.com/ or by calling 610-437-7850.

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