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A New Fashion – Madonna’s Spirit Brand “Madame X” Debut!

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A New Fashion – Madonna’s Spirit Brand “Madame X” Debut!

October 13
22:30 2019

At the time when Madonna’s 14th album “Madame X” was released, Madonna’s spirit brand, “Madame X” came into being in this era.

When the customers are tired of the non-innovative aesthetics of Gucci, LV, etc., do they start to look forward to more customized fashion brands? They are eager for the unique and bold spirit, not only the logo of the mediocre and the silent display of the rich, but also the definition of fashion which comes from the perfect combination of the brand spirit and the connotation of the user. This is the only interpretation of fashion from the customers!

Since the customers are tired of these “mass fashions” without souls, why not change them? The younger generation will not reject any labels, but will certainly pursue the most unique self!

Where there is a need, people can make a difference. When Madonna’s 14th album, Madame X, was released, Madonna’s spirit brand “Madame X” was born in this era. It covers the range of daily cosmetics, skin care and make-up. The spirit of Madonna will solve all the customers’ fantasies about fashion, take the customers to be themselves, show themselves, love themselves!

Madonna has been a popular pronoun since the early 1980s.  As a generation of pop diva, she lost her mother at the age of 5 and stripped in front of her father at the age of 9.  Rebellion, boldness, sex appeal, passion, maverick, bohemian… all the words full of personality meaning can’t be used too much on her!

Now in her 60s, she has never stopped challenging rules or leading fashion! She continued to tour and sing, and her energy seemed to support her in the fashion era created by her and Michael Jackson.

Madonna not only created the popularity of music, but also created a fashion vane. She expressed her desires, sex and personality explicitly on her face. She never relied on youth to win. She just shocked the world with freedom and wisdom! She can be a goblin or a queen.  She can either rebel or be like a saint. No one can walk freely in all kinds of identities and be high above the ground like her. What’s more, there is no assumption that can prevent her from leading the top fashion!

Last August, on the birthday of Madonna, the British “Observer” magazine supplement “New Review” specially celebrated her birthday with the cover of 60 classic models of Madonna’s career. She has been challenging the tradition, not only to bring visual impact to pop music, but also to break the traditional restrictions of gender, religion and age without fear, and bring unprecedented changes to the world with her own personality!

When such a Madonna spirit is integrated into the fashion brand, the “Madame X” fashion brand that embodies her life spirit comes out! Fashion is no longer ethereal, no longer echoing the views of others!

She is popular all over the world and has her own attractiveness. This spirit is born with nature. Isn’t your inner self actually somewhat like her? Madonna’s spirit brand is telling the customers to be self, the fashion is self-defined! The Madonna Spirits brand meets all!

Madonna’s spirit brand trend has triggered a sensation, and the Block Chain has been as popular as any new thing in recent years. According to relevant sources, Madame X will also conduct in-depth cooperation with a well-known fund company in Singapore on the Block Chain project. At that time, Let’s wait and see the bright future when Madonna’s spirit brand meets the Block Chain!

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