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How Loger-Dakar Is Transforming The Senegalese Real Estate Industry And Helping Many Families Find Their Dream House

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How Loger-Dakar Is Transforming The Senegalese Real Estate Industry And Helping Many Families Find Their Dream House

July 07
19:49 2020
How Loger-Dakar Is Transforming The Senegalese Real Estate Industry And Helping Many Families Find Their Dream House

SENEGAL – July 7, 2020 – Dakar is the capital of Senegal. The all together population of Senegal is about 13 million out of which, 3 million people live in Dakar. Throughout the city of Dakar, you will find quite peaceful Senegalese neighborhoods. It is home to many Muslims and the Africans. The Dakar government has been very successful to deter the crime rate. So, the Dakar is usually a safe city to live. Frequent crimes are not reported here and every Senegalese neighborhood here is safe to live in.

However, there are a few areas that are unsafe. Few areas that are unsafe are remote areas with little to no development. It is useless to live there when you can live in a peaceful Senegalese neighborhood in the middle of the city.

How Loger-Dakar Can Provide You Information About The Senegalese Neighborhood

There are many real estate companies that help to get you a real estate property in case you want to relocate to a better Senegalese neighborhood. Most of the real estate agencies do not provide you with a detailed information about a particular Senegalese neighborhood, but there is a real estate website, known as the Loger-dakar, that can guide you about any Senegalese neighborhood.

The Loger-Dakar has its own real estate website and its guides you about the prominent and safe Senegalese neighborhood in Dakar. They would inform you about the real estate properties in different Senegalese and would also guide you about a specific Senegalese neighborhood in detail.

They have an exclusive page on their real estate website, just reserved for the guidance of Senegalese neighborhood. You can click here, and visit that page to know more about the Senegalese neighborhood in which you wish to live in.

Other than the information about the Senegalese neighborhood, they provide the best real estate services in Senegal and help you to get a real estate property of your dreams. You would also get to know the purchase procedure and the rental procedure of a real estate property through them.

Information You Will Get On The Real Estate Website About The Senegalese Neighborhood

The website page about the Senegalese neighborhoods guides you on the vibrant and the most prominent neighborhoods of Senegal, such as Fass District, Colobane neighborhood and the Gueule-tapee neighborhood.

Gueule-Tapee Neighborhood

This Senegalese neighborhood is perfect for the university or college students. This Senegalese neighborhood is home to many college and university students. The houses here are available at the most lowest prices and the renting cost is relatively low than the other Senegalese neighborhoods. Moreover, this neighborhood includes two large markets for every day grocery shopping.

Fass District

Fass is home to many families who wish to stay comfortably in the most affordable prices. The houses prices are very low in this Senegalese neighborhood and that is why, there is no other place better to buy a home at a reasonable price. Moreover, this neighborhood also includes a school, where the children can study from the kindergarten to the terminal.

Colobane Neighborhood

This neighborhood is good for people that can live with a little security threat. But, during the recent interviews with the locals, it is reported that the area is now more safe and secure due to the increment in police patrols. It is a hub for small businesses and this area is well-developed commercial wise. It is basically home to many commercial shops, such as electronic shops, clothing stores, grocery stores, hardware stores and etc. This Senegalese neighborhood is good to live in if you want to boom your small business. Moreover, you can even find spacious homes if you want to relocate to this neighborhood with your family.


Loger-Dakar is the only real estate website in the Dakar that can assist you in choosing the best Senegalese neighborhood. Apart from the guidance, it also guides on the purchasing and renting of the Senegalese real estate property and helps to get you the home of your dreams in one of the prominent Senegalese neighborhoods.

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