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Human’s Fate Foreknown Through Ancient Indian Palm Leaf Nadi Astrology

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Human’s Fate Foreknown Through Ancient Indian Palm Leaf Nadi Astrology

July 15
12:14 2020
Human’s Fate Foreknown Through Ancient Indian Palm Leaf Nadi Astrology

The science of Nadi astrology roots its source to Indian astrology, but it espouses a large part of the world’s population. Hundreds of generations have witnessed the accuracy of the Nadi astrology. The name Nadi refers to the quest, which indicates the route of a native to attain his destiny. The scientific roots of Nadi astrology belong in the present, past, and future life of the person, which is carved by the sages on the leaves of palm trees numerous years ago. 

Astrologers performing Nadi astrology alleges that hundreds of palm leaves used in Nadi astrology depict the fate of a person and acknowledge to have an incompatible set of inscribed palm leaves for an individual. In ancient times, sages and Rishis engraved the fate of kings on the palm leaves. Those inscriptions on palm leaves help Nadi astrologers to determine the future aspects of a person, whether good or bad. They correlate the grounds from the earlier life with the misfortune in ongoing life. The set of palm leaves that define a native’s destiny is the Nadi Granth. The Nadi Granth further divides into 14 types, and each Nadi Granth illustrates the specific stage of life. For example- career, health, education, child-birth, marriage, obstacles, mishappenings, etc. There are many sets of Nadi leaves inscribed by Saints, and named after their writer Saints. 

Nadi astrology is popular science, which is also a Vedic astrological remedy for almost every life on earth.  The human fate carved on the palm leaves is in the form of a poem in the Tamil language. Therefore, the native takes the assistance of a person who possesses expertise in decoding the Tamil inscriptions on the palm leaves. That person is a Nadi astrologer. A Nadi astrologer takes enormous training and various learnings for years to learn the techniques of executing Nadi astrology. Thus, an Indian online platform AstroBhava provides appropriate and accurate assistance to the natives who want to know the purpose of their life with the help of Nadi astrology.  AstroBhava aims to provide aid to as many possible people across the world.

The Nadi astrologers from AstroBhava are skillful, well versed, and relieving. They aim to provide proper support to their clients in the best possible way. The Nadi Granth used by AstroBhava’s Nadi astrologers for predictions is Agathiya Thuliya Nadi Granth inscribed by the sage Shri Agasthya Muni. Apart from this, a set of Nadi leaves also describes the actual events of a person’s life. The astrologers select the suitable set of Nadi leaves, with the help of thumbprints of a person. The thumb impression of the right hand for males and the left hand for females helps to determine the suitable set of Nadi leaves. The selected set of Nadi leaves helps astrologers to conclude the apprehensions of their clients. Get in contact with the best Nadi astrologers of AstroBhava from to know your destiny and get best and first hand solutions to your problems and apprehensions. 

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