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The 6 start-up mistakes that destroy the business & how to avoid them

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The 6 start-up mistakes that destroy the business & how to avoid them

July 15
14:50 2020

The life of an entreprenuer is hard and I wouldn’t have it any other way; thus, life is hard, and if you want to be the best you have to get used to pain, suffering, loss, and sacrifices because those words mean one thing. Growth. It’s up to you to succeed as Pope John Paul II said “totustuus” its latin for, “it’s in your hands.”

Below are some of the lessons that I personally learnt and others that I see business struggling with that are stopping them from exponential growth.

1. No long term vision:

There’s going to be hard days on your untravelled path and most people quit, therefore; it’s not important to them because they don’t have a long term vision or purpose so when the tide comes they drown. Have a long term vision so it becomes normal when there is tide which will cause you to fight harder.

2. They don’t work hard like their life depended on it:

They only work weekdays and only 4-6 hrs a day which will take longer and if or when you succeed it will be what one of my mentors Mr. Dan Peña calls it arithmetic growth meaning 1 +1 = 2 instead of 5^2 +5^2 = 625. To solve this “Softness” work full time 18-20hr days like what steve jobs did, and what the CEO of pepsico Indra Nooyi does (140 hrs a week)  and CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer works 130 hrs a week. If your starting a business as a side hustle and have a 9-5 pm then sleep faster 4-6hrs, 6hrs sleep + 8hrs (job) you have 10 free hrs to work on your hustle, no excuses, “Excuses are the crutches of the unambitious and untalented” – Mr. Dan Peña.

3. Listening to unqualified people:

They listen to their friend that has no experience in starting a business and they wonder why the business failed. Listen to people that are where you want to be 10-20 yrs from now and ask their advice.

4. Conventional wisdom:

His friend tells him to be realistic when he sets an audacious goal that’s conventional wisdom. The people that rule the world are unrealistic people, be unrealistic. “conventional wisdom is almost always wrong.” – Mr. Dan Peña. The top 3% and top .0003% of the world, millionaires, and billionaires don’t follow conventional wisdom nor are they realistic. Bump up your game.

5. They don’t have a mentor:

It takes the “Trial & Error” millionaires 18 yrs to be a millionaire because they didn’t have a mentor and when you have a mentor you cut the learning curve and learn from successful people rather than reinventing the wheel

6. They procrastinate:

They procrastinate and “Procrastination equals f*ing poverty” – Mr. Dan Peña as known as The Trillion Dollar Man. Stop procrastinating and pull the f*ing trigger.

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