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Top 10 Most Interesting Entrepreneurs That Everyone Must Be Following

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Top 10 Most Interesting Entrepreneurs That Everyone Must Be Following

July 16
00:18 2020
Top 10 Most Interesting Entrepreneurs That Everyone Must Be Following

Have you ever known what separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest? Or what makes other businesses more influential than others? Well, patience, determination, and a desire to leave a lasting legacy is a common denominator. It is not always about money! However, these entrepreneurs offer services and products that make the world a better place. 

In an exclusive interview with Sergio Centeno the founder and CEO of Influencer Clout; we put together a list of 10 most interesting business-savvy individuals. These entrepreneurs range from CEO’s, CMO’s, founders, co-founders, and other successful entrepreneurs that are rising in influence in the entrepreneur space.

Here is the list.

  1. Shawn Henry

Shawn Henry is the pride of Florida. The lively entrepreneur is on a mission to save your money in Tampa, Orlando, and other communities in the west-central Florida area offering a range of cost-saving solutions. He is currently the president of the famous Efficient Home Services. This company is tasked with solar panel installations, insulation installations, and home energy audits. Efficient Home Services has featured among one of the best companies on the Inc 5000. Moreover, Shawn is passionate about leaving a lasting legacy of inspiring young entrepreneurs to get started in their dreams and live their dreams. It is worth noting that all Efficient Home Services packages are designed to help you give a little back to the environment as well as your bank account.

Shawn is helping homeowners achieve efficiency within their homes without altering the homeowner’s budget. The company’s free energy evaluation determines where and why your home wastes energy and custom home energy packages will focus on stopping inefficiencies and saving your money. He has over ten years of experience creating green homes without altering the homeowners’ budget. Shawn has more than ten decades of experience creating green homes and earning more than $40 million in revenue. 

  1. Dean Aguilar

Can you imagine coming from a vagrant school failure to running multiple million-dollar businesses? Dean Aguilar wasn’t a good performer in school. To be precise, formal education had little to do with his success. Life was unbearable and miserable for Dean. Often he was homeless, and everything lost meaning. However, things changed, and a ray of hope flickered his way. He rose to be the owner and founder of the Digital Muse, a highly digital marketing firm in San Diego. Besides, he is also the founder of the well renowned Real Estate Companies, Xavier Dean Realty, and Dean Aguilar Group. 

Dean is also a well sought after speaker, coach, and seven figure-entrepreneur in the fields of Digital Marketing. He has led a top 1% Real Estate team selling over 100 million in sales yearly. The guru has also mentored CEO’s whose total revenue exceeds 400 million annually. His persistence in the industry has propelled him to sell over 300 million in Real estate/. To be precise, Dean is a brand builder who uses social media to execute his ‘things.’

  1. Ryall Graber

Ryall Graber is a human sparkler who lives a life full of sunshine. She is a Fit Life Specialist, health nut, and loves to motivate people. Moreover, Ryall is an entrepreneur, professional health coach, IFBB professional fitness athlete, 8 X fitness champion, certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer, influencer, published author, and fitness model. 

Ryall holds the 2019 Ms. Fitness International Title, and she is an ambassador for Arnold worldwide. She is the creator of RyALLFITNESS Getaway; an exclusive destination fitness retreat that offers an experience to redefine your boundaries, unlock your potential, and activate your best life. Ryall is one of the world’s top-ranked Professional Fitness Athletes and has established a multi-six figure business over the past decade. She’s one to watch as she’s making a significant impact by sharing her expertise, knowledge, and personal strategies to deliver life-long results for her clients.

  1. Jonathan Hawkins

Jonathan Hawkins is a serial entrepreneur and marketing champion. He is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of LightSpeed VT, the CEO of Hashtag Agent, and the Intelligent Marketing Method creator. Jonathan leverages military strategies that learned to communicate and connect with his audience. He successfully managed to start and build several companies in his career. Jonathan’s love for helping people is what led him into digital marketing. 

Jonathan served as the youngest Army intelligence officer and was trained in brain science. He is a proud recipient of the Presidential Call to Service Award for his countless hours of philanthropic work. Besides, Jonathan was previously ranked in the top 1% of real estate brokers in the country.

  1. Matt Artisan

Matt Artisan (Matt Ardisson) is the president, founder, and CEO of The Attractive Man Inc., a legendary dating company for men, based on a groundbreaking understanding of women and psychology. The dating champion has helped over 7000 ‘students’ and no lady can resist an average joe who has been his product. This kind of Matt’s training comes at the right time when most men have wing manned the buddies in the bars. And today, Matt Artisan is the leading expert for men who want to form authentic relationships with women without using cheesy lines or manipulative pick up artist tactics.

Matt is a leading dating coach and expert in changing the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He was voted as the world’s best dating coach and for more than a decade he has been able to train men in over 40 countries. 

  1. Kristian D’An

Do you need an SEO whizz who has transformed the industry? Well, Kristian D’An is a famous name in that line. He has helped dozens of businesses generate millions in revenue through assisting them to get the #1 position on google. His long-lasting legacy is to help others grow their business. He has written “The Fundamentals of Getting #1 on Google” and also provides training workshops where he teaches the best techniques in the industry. Kristian also loves traveling, work out, family, cars, and more!

  1. Marion W. Cain III

Marion W. Cain III, also known as “the Kharisma coach,” is the best speaking coach in the world. With a Ph.D. level of knowledge in public speaking, he transforms great leaders into top public speakers. This man of power understands the finer points and nuances that no other coach understands. Marion is an industry leader in communication and negotiation- a force to be reckoned with. Through this program, the communication expert has trained thousands of people, including models, professional athletes, CEO’s, social media influencers. These trainees can now dominate the stage, negotiations, podcasts, and interpersonal relations. Cain has become a prolific Global Risk Manager securing 100s of millions in settlements. Today, the champion possesses a portfolio of more than 20 high profile disasters with the most substantial having exposure above $35M.

  1. Mike Anderson 

Mike Anderson is a 24-year-old personal branding expert from Cape Cod, MA. He is a 6 figure Social Media Marketer, Content Creator, and E-Commerce Consultant. Anderson is a Co-Founder of BrandBerry Unlimited, a full serious personal branding agency, as well as a partner of Vestige LLC an Amazon Automation agency. Anderson has worked with hundreds of personal brands and businesses teaching them a unique approach to Instagram. A way to properly attract and monetize their target audience. When it comes to Amazon, Vestige is a world-renown Amazon Automation agency that has developed and managed hundreds of highly profitable Amazon seller stores for investors looking to create passive income. Their stores combine for well over 8 figures in sales and generate their investors’ thousands of dollars in hands-free money monthly. Mike is dedicated to showing others a new way of making money going into the 2020’s.

  1. Mike Poglese

Mike Poglese is a renowned multiple 6-figure agency owner, influencer, podcast host, and action sports guru. He is a 24-year-old beach bum living in Tybee Island, GA. In his childhood life, Mike schooled and lived in Virginia. However, he moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for his university studies pursuing Marine Science at CCU. Mile Poglese has successfully scaled up his agency to 6-figures, that did not come about swiftly. He encountered many bottlenecks as he climbed different hierarchical stages. However, he finally made it. Today he is one the co-founder of BrandBerry Unlimited.

  1. Timothy Dick

Timothy Dick is the founder of VOIPO, the likable phone company which provides telephone and messaging services to consumers and businesses throughout North American. Also, he owns Profit Layer which is a boutique consulting firm with a digital agency arm that is focussed on managing large companies on all major ad platforms with a significant focus on ROI, attribution, big data and finding the right combination of marketing channels to layer together to achieve the best results. Timothy runs multiple seven figures businesses and has been featured on the Inc 5000 list for three different companies. 

{Disclaimer: The list is not in any particular order.}

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