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How Tobias Schmidt is Using People’s Unique Skills to Help Them Build Financial Freedom Through Instagram and Other Social Media

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How Tobias Schmidt is Using People’s Unique Skills to Help Them Build Financial Freedom Through Instagram and Other Social Media

July 16
20:44 2020
How Tobias Schmidt is Using People's Unique Skills to Help Them Build Financial Freedom Through Instagram and Other Social Media

Tobias Schmidt is an expert in Facebook advertisement, ecommerce and teaching students how to get to financial freedom. He believes in helping others through embracing their own talents and what makes them unique versus focusing entirely on conventional methods. He believes financial freedom is part of a balanced lifestyle. His Training Program “30 Minute Millionaire” elaborates on this idea and he made it his mission to create a balanced life of good finances, self development and improvement.

“I strongly believe in the idea of constant evolution, and I encourage everyone to challenge themselves, to break limiting beliefs, and realize their true potential.” Explains Tobias.

Tobias and his Partner founded the 30 minute millionaire program in order to help people understand how easy it is to use social media today.  Also to help people build a balanced lifestyle for businesses to expand beyond the traditional emphasis on just making money. Tobias believes that if the other two sides of your triangle are not in balance, you will not be able to achieve your full potential. To become a successful entrepreneur, Tobias spent years studying social media data and mastering it.

“For the last two years, I have been studying the social markets and have over 1500 hours under my belt. For over three years already, I have spent my life devoted to inspiring and educating the industry of social media marketers, entrepreneurs and other marketing experts, to reach success by sharing my proven strategies of sales.” States Tobias.

To many others outside of Tobias’s business, it may seem strange that Tobias wishes to share the secrets of his trade and what made him successful. To Tobias, on the other hand, this is the obvious thing to do because he believes that it is his duty to help others achieve the same financial freedom that he has experienced. His company, Ameritekk LLC, has not yet achieved world recognition for its ability to change lives but he has definitely helped people financially and changed their lives forever.

“I very passionate about teaching and openly sharing the knowledge I have acquired with others. This has made me a highly respected mentor within my industry.” Says Tobias.

On a personal level, Tobias is a successful Entrepreneur in the business world and is pioneering a path for other entrepreneurs from all around the world. He hopes his path to success can help inspire others and help clear the way for them as well so that they may become renowned entrepreneurs as he has.

“I want to be in the position as the #1 Social Media Marketer in the world, with my Training Program “the 30 minute millionaire Program”. I want to become a Chairman 100, which is considered a very high rank and there are few other people in the world in my field of work at this level.” Remarks Tobias.

For those wishing to start their own business and achieve financial success through Social Media, especially Instagram, Tobias recommends starting as soon as possible because this allows for the biggest amount of flexibility in your life as well as innovative thinking, This can help accelerate your business further than anyone thought possible. It is an excellent time in life to try new things without a lot of risk because you are only beginning to establish yourself.

“18-35 years old is the best time to start a business because this age span is more open to learning unconventional skills and are more inclined to mobile and passive income.” Claims Tobias.

Due to this kind of mentality, the 30 minute millionaire program under Ameritekk LLc has taken off. As previously stated, it is recognized already around the world for one of the best training programs to provide the kind of luxurious lifestyle for others who may not have thought about having to balance their life. This new kind of entrepreneurship prioritizes bettering yourself as much as the company. 

“The 30 minute millionaire program is currently one of the biggest personal development programs in the world. All of this is redirected to financial freedom.” Tobias Details.

To find out more about Tobias and his Team, you can follow him on Instagram @tobitalks_official. You can also check out more on his training program at

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