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The End of Passwords Has Finally Arrived

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The End of Passwords Has Finally Arrived

July 16
22:47 2020

Santa Barbara, CA – The world was just placed on notice by several of the most influential business leaders, technology providers, and Fortune 100 brands on earth. From the likes of Apple to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and even Barack Obama. The problem is, they were not the ones who put out the notice. 

On Wednesday, July 15th, social media giant Twitter, highlighted how the ultra-wealthy and most technologically forward-thinking organizations, are just as hackable as you and I. Retweeted, Reposted, and shared across the world, the hacked accounts tweeted in a coordinated wave claiming to be banning together to donate upwards of $45,000,000 USD to COVID-19 relief. 

What is even more shocking about today’s password hack, is that it is nothing we have not heard year in and year out for the last 5 years, on even larger scales. The significance of companies like Amazon, Apple, Coinbase, and Microsoft, being the targets, highlights the waste of billions of dollars in R&D, and the failed attempt to halt the theft of user’s passwords. 

Fortunately, Dr. Chad Spensky, a previous MIT Lincoln Laboratory employee and IBM Ph.D. fellowship recipient, and his team at Allthenticate, have solved one of the largest digital (and physical) threats to business and users around the globe.  The solution, while complex at its core, is wonderfully simple for its users and removes the countless authentication steps, password keepers, and other authentication requirements when trying to secure your accounts or office. 

“I am far too familiar with how broken our current systems are, and as a user of the same technology as everyone else, I am equally as frustrated with their lack of usability. Allthenticate is my attempt to make everyone’s lives better.”

Allthenticate gets rid of passwords, keys, and entry cards through one, simple credential, linked to you via your cell phone and biometric security, which can be used for all of your digital and physical security needs. The patented technology developed over five years by Dr. Spensky while at MIT, has been highly regarded, won the UCSB New Venture competition, was selected as a finalist to pitch at SXSW prior to its cancelation and is capitalized by several major keynote investors. 

Allthenticate removes the need for multiple steps of authentication by ensuring that your phone is physically present, you are the one accessing the information or location through a simple biometric press of a button, and a final unique identifier for a simple (i.e. faceID), hyper-secure, and all-encompassing security platform. Goodbye to the days of forgot password buttons and “what did I change that password too recently?” daily thought.

To learn more about Allthenticate, visit their website Allthenticate and sign up as an early adopter and get 10% off (present the code “mypasswordisinthepast”).

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Company Name: Allthenticate, Inc
Contact Person: Rita Mounir, Co-Founder, COO
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