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Coffee Roasting & Intermittent Fasting: How Fresh Roasted Coffee Can Improve Fasting According to

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Coffee Roasting & Intermittent Fasting: How Fresh Roasted Coffee Can Improve Fasting According to

July 16
22:53 2020
Coffee Roasting & Intermittent Fasting: How Fresh Roasted Coffee Can Improve Fasting According to

Staying fit and healthy can be a difficult goal for many individuals. Whether you want to lose weight to boost your overall health or want to feel and look the best version of yourself, you can use myriad plans and methods to nail this goal. Intermittent fasting is right up the list.

Intermittent fasting is the activity of only eating at certain times during the day and is meant to help your metabolism burn more calories. In fact, this practice has been shown to help individuals improve their wellness. It can also lead to positive outcomes like enlightenment, meditation, and more. 

Can Coffee Break Your Fast?

The newest question on the wellness block is: “Can you drink coffee while fasting?” By definition, fasting is the lack of caloric intake, meaning that you consume no calories at all, and thus your body doesn’t have any substance to metabolize. So then any beverage with calories, no matter how small, would break your intermittent fasting.  termed as a calorie-free drink, coffee does contain minor traces of calories, including from two to twelve calories per cup. Those calories comprise proteins and carbohydrates, but with both of these micronutrients going in at four calories/gram, you can guess how little each is in one serving. It is also worth noting that how the coffee bean is roasted can have a ripple effect on the final substance’s caloric content, according to the The longer and more creatively a bean is roasted, the lower the starch content it contains.

Well-roasted Coffee is the Best!

Yes, coffee can be an excellent remedy to overcome the challenges associated with intermittent fasting. But to truly reap the therapeutic, meditation, and wellness benefits of fasting, you need much more. Properly roasted coffee, like Bellwether coffee, can help you achieve your intermittent fasting without breaking a sweat. And for this, you need cutting-edge roasting equipment. Well-roasted coffee has also been shown to suppress appetite and provide a burst of energy, making it the perfect beverage to consume right before and after your intermittent fast. It also has minimal amounts of calories, so drinking refined coffee should not produce hormones that are full, such as insulin.

Since intermittent fasting’s main goal is to burn the calories you have stored, well-roasted coffee can help you because it maximizes the availability of fats in your body. It will allow these fats and oils to be readily available to be oxidized throughout your fasting period. This will also boost your energy reserves if you are struggling throughout the day – be sure to look for additional reading material about this topic.  

Don’t Settle for Any Other Roaster

There are many roasters available, as well as roasters that accommodate a host of flavors. Before you pick a coffee roaster for your intermittent fasting, be sure to compare several distinct ones. Find out how unique they are from each other, but never forget to check their roasting capabilities. Luckily, with the right machine and a careful process, you can produce health-boosting coffee even with zero roasting skills.

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