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ZHAOWEI Gear Drive System for VR Headsets Brings an Immersive Experience

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ZHAOWEI Gear Drive System for VR Headsets Brings an Immersive Experience

July 16
23:17 2020

ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. has upgraded the gear drive system for VR headset【】 with IPD (interpupillary distance) adjustment. It can quickly achieve positional tracking and accurately adjust the proper position of the distance between the pupil and the focal length with a small amount of power. Thus, the image can accurately fall on the retina for a wearable visual experience.

In recent years, technological advancements have paved the way for experiencing real-world life in a digital environment through Virtual Reality (VR). According to a new report conducted by Grand View Research, Inc., the global virtual reality market size is expected to reach USD 62.1 billion by 2027 and expand at a CAGR of 21.6% from 2020 to 2027. With a headset and motion tracking, instead of viewing a screen in front of them, VR lets users immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. It’s been gaining traction in recent years thanks to wide applications, though it still seems very much in a state of flux, with VR headsets coming and going fairly rapidly. Especially, during COVID-19, VR headsets play an important role in healthcare. Global Virtual Reality (VR) In Healthcare Industry reports that the global virtual reality in healthcare market is projected to reach a revised size of US$2.2 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 30.7% over the period of 2020-2027. 5G’s full-scenario connectivity also facilitates the application and expansion of VR functionality.

To keep pace with the development of VR technology, ZHAOWEI helps to achieve its intelligent upgrade on the VR micro-drive system, which is a linear actuator【】 consisting of the motor and planetary gearhead.

How Does ZHAOWEI Upgrade the Gear Drive System for VR Headsets?

Most of the existing VR glasses on the market use a smart multimedia playback terminal represented by a smart phone as a unit for calculation and display, which isinstalled at the front of the glasses. There are two sets of lens assemblies in the VR glasses corresponding to users’ left and right eyes respectively. Since the eye distances vary from person to person, if the distance between the lens elements is constant, it is difficult for some users to get better visual experience when wearing VRheadsets. In view of such problems, how doesZHAOWEI【】 upgrade the gear drive system for VR headsets?

ZHAOWEI adopts continuous linear motion, also known as reciprocating motion, of themicro-focus motor to dynamically zoom and combines a telescopic gearbox in the lensto drive the eccentric wheel. Both of them come to intelligently adjust the distance of the two lens assemblies of the VR glasses until they can match the user’s pupil distance.After the user puts on the glasses again, the built-in sensor of the VR glasses converts the data into an electric drive device, and turns the rotary motion of the micro motor into a linear motion of the push rod, thereby driving the two layers (front and rear) of the VR glasses according to the degree of focus that is suitable for the corresponding user. ZHAOWEI gear drive system for VR headsets with IPD adjustment【】 makes it possible to obtain the moving track length and moving direction as the parameters for eyes picture synchronization adjustment by the built-in sensor. This facilitates to get visually clear images.

Moreover, the adjustable gear motor structure combined with the self-developed multi-layer convertible transmission ratio mechanism provide 2-stage, 3-stage, 4-stage transmission changes, which helps to change the gear ratio and adjust the input speed and torque according to transmission requirements. Considering where gear motors for VR headsets may operate in some spaces that need quiet atmosphere, advanced gear motor technology includes the use of gear materials, coatings, bearings, and gear tooth designs optimized for noise reduction in a small and light-weight package. Vibration tendencies can be minimized with high-quality helical gearing and optimized gear engagement. ZHAOWEI gear drive system also takes pride in its long service life even in different humidity and temperature environments owing to small module gears and the matching motors.

VR technology has been gaining widespread recognition and adoption. Recent technological advancements in this field have revealed new enterprises. Numerous players are emerging in this market with the hopes to navigate it toward mainstream adoption. VR headset market is one of the typical examples.

With its aim of providing easy-to-use, reliable and affordable gear drive systems, ZHAOWEI professional engineers, together with designers and workers are working on bringing brilliant performance for various applications, no except the solution for VR headsets in this time. We are here to join hands with manufacturers of VR equipment to run after a more immersive, comfortable, and convenient experience. We have optimized the gear drive system for VR headset with IPD adjustment this time, easy to adjust the distance and possible to customize the parameters. There are still more to expect about our products,” said the Product Director of ZHAOWEI.

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