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WAIC Revealing Disruptive Innovations in Robot, Unmanned and Holographic AR, Tesla and WIMI Show New Prospects

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WAIC Revealing Disruptive Innovations in Robot, Unmanned and Holographic AR, Tesla and WIMI Show New Prospects

July 18
01:16 2020

Hong Kong – World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) cloud Summit opens! Affected by the coVID-19 outbreak, the conference was mainly presented in the form of online broadcast. Many experts from home and abroad participated in the conference remotely and made video speeches through cloud connection. The Blackstone group, the founder, chairman and CEO Stephen Schwarzman, the UN high-level digital cooperation group chairman jack ma, tesla CEO Elon Musk, such as a number of famous guests from all over the world with holographic projection, video, audio, live in a variety of ways, such as combining offline, is a kind of brand-new participant experience, also is one of the highlight of the meeting, full interpretation of the theme of this year WAIC ‘Intelligent World, Indivisible Community’.

In the global industry forefront and most influential AI festival, reflected the artificial intelligence technology, industry and the application of the trend of the development of the globalization, plan for the development direction of artificial intelligence technology and brings to the progress of global human meaning and value, at the same time it also shows a series of innovative achievements of artificial intelligence.

The robot

Artificial intelligence, as one of the seven technical fields of new infrastructure, is the basis to support the realization of intelligent upgrading in China, while intelligent robot is the best application to realize the maximization and long-term effect of artificial intelligence. At the same time, in the process of intelligent upgrading, the relationship between the seven technology fields of the new infrastructure is not a separate but an organically interconnected technology system. Through the collaboration or integration of various high-tech technologies, intelligent robots will play the role of intelligent carrier in the new infrastructure strategy.

With the advent of the era of intelligence, intelligent robots will be applied on a large scale to meet the needs of urban services, population aging, children education and care, and even win the trust of human beings and become family members.

The biggest difference between the new infrastructure and the old one is the infrastructure construction based on high and new technology. The key layout of UBE technology is servo driver and control algorithm, motion control algorithm, computer vision algorithm, navigation and positioning, ROSA robot operating system application framework, voice six major artificial intelligence and robot core technologies, driven by technological innovation.

Intelligent robots have also become one of the most frequently used ai applications in this year’s coVID-19 prevention and control. Optimal choice of science and technology rapidly introduced health and epidemic prevention solutions, intelligent service robot provides three new epidemic prevention robot body temperature monitoring, epidemic control, sanitizers, propaganda leading examining, etc, in hospitals, schools, enterprises, office buildings, exhibition hall, such as mount guard, and if necessary in Belgium, South Korea and other countries, by the UNDP United Nations development program donated to the Rwandan government and hospitals use Africa, build the epidemic prevention and control of the first line of defense.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, the new infrastructure strategy was put forward, resulting in the rapid expansion of industrial demand, and the automation and intelligence level of production and operation of society and enterprises need to be improved. The one-stop application solution of intelligent robot launched by Youbixuan technology can serve data center, electric power, medical treatment, government affairs, community, park, finance, exhibition, retail and other scenes, accelerating the intelligent transformation and upgrading of all walks of life.



Driverless Cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also shared some of the advances in autonomous driving.

Musk said he was confident the L5 would be autonomous, or fully autonomous, in the future. Tesla, on the other hand, is getting very close to L5 autonomous driving and will finish developing the basic features of the L5 this year.

He believes that the current L5 level of autonomous driving does not have the underlying fundamental challenges, but there are many details. So the challenge for Tesla is to solve these little problems, and then integrate the system and continue to solve these long tail problems.

For now, Tesla is focusing on the details of the L5 autonomous driving. The L5 level autopilot is achieved through existing hardware versions and improved software.

He also explained why Tesla is developing artificial intelligence chips. “We found that there is no reasonable cost and low power system on the market. If we used a traditional GPU, CPU or similar product, it would use hundreds of watts of power, and the trunk would be occupied by a huge cooling system on the COMPUTER GPU. And, you know, energy consumption is very important for the mileage of electric vehicles. “He also revealed that Tesla prudently launched the chip’s second system a few months ago, and that it could be at least a year before tesla fully utilizes its autopilot system.

Holographic AR technology


Online lectures can solve the limitation of space and time, especially in the context of the global coVID-19 epidemic, many guests and scholars cannot reach the site, so they can only attend the event remotely by video recording or connecting. Rather than Mr. Ma’s carefully prepared speech itself, it was his holographic appearance that attracted much attention.

At present, with the development of display technology, computer processing power and Internet, WIMI holographic technology has been applied in various fields such as social, education, entertainment, medical, military, home, industry, tourism and e-commerce. The commercial applications of WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD is mainly concentrated in five professional fields, namely household entertainment, lightfield cinema, performing arts system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system. From the perspective of technology development, product maturity and the richness of application scenarios, the future market space of AR holographic industry has greater potential and stronger explosive power.

The core strengths of the WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD AI face-changing system are fully automated processing without human intervention, real-time preview, high-quality segmentation and no need for green screen recording, making it more efficient than artificial image carving. Currently, WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has extensively applied this technology to short video, live streaming, online education and other platforms and scenarios, such as creative photo stickers in Beauty APP, creative background segmentation in short video APP, and replacement of online teaching background by teachers in online education platform.

The ecology of WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD industry covers many subsectors such as systems, platforms, development tools, applications and consumer content. WIMI is positioned as an integrated service provider of The HOLOGRAM CLOUD industry chain of Weimei centering on content platform building and content provision. HOLOGRAM CLOUD is the cloud that enables fully immersive virtual and real vision and interactive experience on a variety of systems platforms and terminals to better meet and lead the market and industry needs. Currently, WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has been promoting this technology in museums, exhibition halls, scenic spots, airports and other cultural tourism Settings, helping to create a new outbreak of scenario-oriented entertainment advertising.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has taught us more about the value of life and the value of linking, enabling and improving new technologies such as artificial intelligence. In the future, when people from various industries can understand how to use artificial intelligence to change the industry, AI will be able to go deep into all walks of life.

As a strategic field leading a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, artificial intelligence is also an important driving force for enabling urban transformation and upgrading, boosting high-quality economic development and creating high-quality life for citizens.

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