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A US-Award nominated, Colombian-American composer, pianist, writer and producer – Singer of the famous song “Melody in the Key of Love”

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A US-Award nominated, Colombian-American composer, pianist, writer and producer – Singer of the famous song “Melody in the Key of Love”

July 18
03:45 2020
Fernando Rojas is an award-nominated Latino composer and the creator of 2018 music-video memorial tribute for a WW-2 US Navy hero, John Ibe, he is also the producer of Marla Maples recent tribute video on social media, “Through the Barrier”. Fernando is a patriot of the US and cares for his country.

New York City, NY, United States – Born in 1968, Fernando Rojas is a Colombian-American producer, composer, writer, pianist and vocalist who has been nominated for the US awards in 2003. He also created the music-video in 2018 in memory of the US Navy hero, John G Ibe, who fought for the US. His work was recognized by the Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin and the White House.

Additionally, Fernando also worked for Homeland Security from 2003 – 2011 where he prevented the terrorists and drug cartels from doing any kind of harm to the US. He has been writing for Soul Central Magazine, he has also written for a magazine featuring Antonella Salvucci. Fernando is also the Vice-President of Flamingo Digital Records, a record company founded in 1997.

Being a music and creativity enthusiast, Fernando also performed his role as a creative producer of the social media video of Marla Maples’s dedication “Through the Barrier”. In 2001, Fernando received a lot of attention and fame when he wrote and sang his first original song “Melody in the Key of Love”, which was aired on Television. The song was also promoted on MTV at an international level in 2003. In the 44th annual Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, he represented America by performing his song “In the Night I’ll be Dreaming of You”.

Working as a producer, Fernando produced an independent film “Prince of Paupers”, which is a film based on the memoirs of Guillermo Descalzi, where the viewers can experience what it’s like to go through fall after getting fame, and the life of a homeless Descalzi and his gradual and triumphant reascension to prominence.

The tribute music-video created by Fernando Rojas in the honour of the US Navy hero, John Ibe, was a great success and gained much positivity from everyone. John Ibe was assigned to a small aircraft carrier escort ship, it was the biggest battle in US Naval history, The Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Pacific. John helped in freeing many Philippines and US people who were captured by the Japanese forces. John survived 2 days of swimming and floating in shark-infested waters. Fernando Rojas is a US patriot and supports his country and sees his country as being the best. He also admires the US armed forces like the army and navy, as they are the defenders of the homeland against the outside forces. It is because of these armed men that any country such as the USA is kept safe and unharmed.

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