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Japa – Ancient Method Of Communion To God Via Chants Of Mantra Or Divine Name From AstroBhava

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Japa – Ancient Method Of Communion To God Via Chants Of Mantra Or Divine Name From AstroBhava

July 20
05:12 2020
Japa - Ancient Method Of Communion To God Via Chants Of Mantra Or Divine Name From AstroBhava

Japa is a meditation technique used since ancient times. It is a repetition of mantra or a divine name. Japa is found to be in practice in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism. In japa the mantra or the name is to be spoken very softly that the reciter only can hear it or it is chanted in reciter’s mind. The word japa is Sanskrit and is derived from the root jap-, it means “to utter in a low voice, repeat internally, mutter”. This can be further defined as “ja” to destroy birth, death, and reincarnation and “pa” meaning to destroy one’s sins.

The main aim/objective of japa depends upon the mantra involved and religious philosophy of the practitioner. The goal of Japa can be mukti (moksha), bhakti, nirvana or personal communion with a divine power in a similar way to prayer. Among different forms of japa there are a few where repetitions are counted with the help of string of beads known as Japa mala. There can be multiple materials used for mala but the number of beads generally remains 108.

There is different degree of loudness on which japa is conducted, following are to name a few:

  • Vaikhari Japa – This japa is chanted loud enough so that it can be heard by the people around. It is most suitable for the beginners.
  • Upamshu Japa – This japa is said quietly almost at a whisper. It is also believed that Upamshu japa is hundred times more effective that Vaikhari Japa. 
  • Mansika Japa – This japa is recited in the mind. It is said that this japa is 1000 times more effective than Upamshu japa and 100000 times more effective than Vaikhari japa. It is believed to be difficult for those who are beginners and who are not even practicing Vaikhari japa.

There are various individuals in this world wandering with multiple problems. The individuals may know about Japa as a technique available but unable to reap the benefits of this ancient method. This is where AstroBhava, India based company having expertise in ancient Vedic sciences and techniques, provides a wide range of services, which includes guiding individuals through the authentic process in Japa of mantras or divine names. AstroBhava with the help of their young, learned, experienced pool of individuals helps their clients attain self-healing and spiritual growth. With the range of services spread from astrological solutions it goes till homa, pooja and japa services. There are special japa packages available with free Homa. All the Japa are carried inside Vedic temples from South India. The shipping of sacred sound infused energised yantra/ Talisman along with prasad for all homa, pooja and japa are done free of cost to all the clients. There is attractive discount of 20% available on first Japa, Homa, pooja apart from other benefits listed above.

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