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Employment Law is Complex and Can vary from State to State

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Employment Law is Complex and Can vary from State to State

July 20
05:22 2020

Delaware, like all states in the USA, does have some specific statutes and requirements that must be followed when a client is facing an employment issue.  The Office of Labor Law Enforcement is in charge in the state of Delaware with overseeing and enforcing a combination of twenty-three separate state and federal regulations governing fair employment practices. 

Employment law can be complex in the state of Delaware.

Although the Office of Labor Law Enforcement publishes a guide spelling out all the statutes and regulations plus restrictions and guidelines it is difficult for an average citizen to understand.  Although this type of guide is helpful, any type of labor law infraction or dispute does usually have a better outcome for the individual affected by an employment issue when a good Delaware employment lawyer such as Gary Aber is consulted, and perhaps retained to handle any problems. Attorney Aber has decades of experience in all types of workplace issues and works tirelessly for his clients to achieve the best outcomes. 

Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Attorney Gary W. Aber, can advise on all employment issues. 

His knowledge base is vast, and he is dedicated to his clients.  Employment issues of any type are emotionally charged issues, and most individuals appreciate a calm and sensitive lawyer like Attorney Aber.   Having employment difficulties causes stress for an individual even when the issues might be small issues.  Job loss that might occur brings out the emotions of a client, and empathy is needed in a good employment law attorney.  The list of issues can be extensive, ranging from interpersonal conflicts within employees, to gossip, bullying, poor job performance, tardiness, harassment, discrimination and many more. 

Delaware is an “at will” employer for the most part and this can complicate things.

“At will” simply means that either the employer or employee can terminate the employment without any type of warning whatsoever.  This usually causes problems for an employee that is terminated in this manner as it leaves them without much recourse and of course, without a means to financially support themselves.  In addition, employers need give no real reason for the termination and may not even discuss it with an employee.  Employees can also leave at any time without giving any type of notice.  However, termination “at will” by an employer is generally more difficult for the employee as the financial burden is combined with a really stunned emotional reaction.  If a contract exists, that still does not usually rule out the “at will” rights of an employer.   

Whatever the issue that arises an employee that is “at will” still has rights and there are exceptions.

But only a good employment lawyer, especially in the state of Delaware can navigate these treacherous waters successfully.  With all the regulations and standards set by the state of Delaware, contacting a good employment lawyer should be the first step whenever a termination or even an unjustified suspension or write up for misconduct or other issues occur.  A client’s chances of gainful future employment can be impacted and of course, the present financial situation is of primary concern.  Call an employment lawyer in Delaware immediately if any type of employment situation occurs. 

About Gary W. Aber

Attorney Gary W. Aber practices several areas of law however; he enjoys and focuses on employment law.  Located in Wilmington, DE, he does have the experience, empathy, and knowledge to help any clients no matter what the employment issue.  Attorney Aber has over 35 years of legal experience, and there is a phone number, an email, and a contact form on his website,, for easy appointment setting.  Hours of operation are listed. 

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