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A Good Defense Attorney is Necessary for Any Type of DUI Charges in Atlanta

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A Good Defense Attorney is Necessary for Any Type of DUI Charges in Atlanta

July 20
06:28 2020

DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charges can have serious consequences if convicted.  Loss of income, due to loss of employment, as well as loss of reputation, and even loss of loved ones can occur.  A stigma is attached to DUI and can shatter friend and family relationships.  Any type of DUI charges can be overwhelming and emotionally fraught and are more serious than others might think.  Some charges can be dropped, and only a small fine imposed.  Other charges, however, can lead to a loss of a driving license, or even jail time.  In Atlanta, if an individual is detained for DUI, it is imperative to call a good criminal defense attorney such as Joel M. Baskin.

It is imperative that a good DUI lawyer in Atlanta is consulted immediately if charged there. 

Since the penalties have such a wide range, from a fine to an actual jail time sentence, there is a definite need for a defendant to remain silent until an attorney can be called and speak with them.  The penalties are diverse as the history of the defendant is taken into consideration, as well as the level of impairment.  Some judges are also more lenient than others and may only require community service or taking classes on drug and alcohol issues if a judge feels that a defendant displays the tendency towards addiction. 

A stop by any type of enforcement officer for DUI is done for several reasons. 

A traffic stop may be done and a check for DUI if a person runs a red light or fails to stop at a stop sign.  Speeding or even driving under the speed limit may make an officer suspicious enough to initiate a traffic stop.  Erratic driving also brings a driver under suspicion and during a traffic stop, a test for alcohol or other substances may be administered if an officer has probable cause.  Someone that becomes belligerent or slurs their speech, and other signs might be present and this is enough to establish probable cause for further investigation into the capabilities of the individual to be driving a vehicle.  Even if an individual is taking prescription medication, they might be stopped for DUI, if the symptoms of impairment are obvious to an officer of the law.  DUI of any type is not tolerated in most states, and of course, also not in the area of Atlanta. 

The most important thing an individual can do when stopped for DUI in Atlanta is remain silent.

Any good defense attorney such as Attorney Joel M. Baskin will attest to this.  Most individuals become emotional and overwrought when stopped and try to explain their way out of the situation.  This is the worst thing they can possibly do.  The need to call a DUI attorney in the Atlanta area is the first step anyone should make and until an attorney is present, they should remain quiet and cooperative.  There is too much at stake not to follow this type of advice.  They have the right to remain silent and should do so.   Protecting life, liberty, and reputation is paramount. 

About Attorney Joel M. Baskin

Attorney Joel M. Basking has practiced criminal defense in the Atlanta region for years.  He has two office locations, one in East Point and the other in Vinings, GA.   There are free consultations, and an online clickable email form for immediate consultations.  There is also a phone number, plus a blog that serves to educate the public on legal issues and their rights.  He also practices personal injury and prides himself on his compassion and knowledge of the law and the residents that he serves in the Atlanta area. 

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