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Powered Fresh: An Efficient & Innovative 3-In-One Mixing System Ensuring Optimum Hydration and Nutrition for An Active Lifestyle

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Powered Fresh: An Efficient & Innovative 3-In-One Mixing System Ensuring Optimum Hydration and Nutrition for An Active Lifestyle

July 20
12:20 2020

Gone are the days when whey proteins were only for bodybuilders. These days, it has been scientifically proven that sports supplements offer vital health and muscle support to an active lifestyle. That is why we came up with Powered Fresh 3-N-1 mixing system.

The Powered Fresh 3-N-1 mixing system is an innovative distribution system that allows an individual to consume their pre-measured workout supplements or nutrients that the body may need to increase the natural energy reserves. The mixing system helps to provide an optimum level of hydration to the body while also helping repair damaged muscles after a workout.

Whether you’re doing basic exercise to reduce weight or you love high-intensity training, Powered Fresh provides a number of healthy, fast-absorbing nutritional powder supplements, which penetrates the blood system quicker by mixing with alkaline water, which can help you increase strength, build toned muscles, improve performance, and lose weight – all at the same time from the same single use pouch.

The Powered Fresh 3-N-1 mixing system is prepackaged with vitamins, proteins, and nutritional supplements that are stored separate from the alkaline water in the same sealed pouch. This unique packaging system has no preparation time and offers more convenience for an athlete or person on the move. No need to make supplement mixture hours before it’s needed or go through the hassle of carrying separate water bottles or supplements containers that will need to be measured out into the sports bottle with water.

When a person is ready to fuel up their nutritional requirement with Powered Fresh pouch, all they need to do is simply twist the cap, which releases the supplements into the water, then shake and drink to enjoy. The pouch is FDA-approved and landfill-friendly and can be discarded with no significant impact on the environment.

With our unique 3-N-1 mixing system, there will be no hands-on mixing required or wasted product due to spills. There is also no chance of cross-contamination, stagnation, or bacterial growth due to heat exposure.

Powered Fresh pouches have been proven to have a lot of health benefits. Alkaline water helps increase blood oxygen levels, build stronger bones, neutralize the acids and toxins in your water, improve heart health and the immune system, provide pH balance, and aid in weight loss.

Powered Fresh comes in six different supplement types and flavors which includes Whey Superior Protein, Ultimate Mass Gainer, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Ultra Vita Women, Ultra Vita Men, Fiber Shred, and Water Shed.

There are a number of commercially instant supplement drinks available that do not pass the taste test; we are here to provide you with a number of changes that give special attention to the flavoring. With the added benefit of a freshly mixed product, Powered Fresh tastes so much better than other brands in the market.

All our flavors are fun, unique and totally customized to people with active lifestyle. Currently, our flavors include carrot cake, cherry, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, raspberry, apricot, banana, tangerine, apple, mango, watermelon, pear blackberry, peach, grape, honeydew, and cantaloupe.

Our Social Responsibility:

The founder of Powered Fresh has a desire to offer a solution to eliminate the health risks associated with powder supplements that sit for hours before drinking and to do away with the often over looked issue of cross-contamination which can be a health issue. However, as we conduct our research, we realized this is a major concern, which could lead to a number of fatal consequences, especially for people living in third-world countries who have a life or death need to mix nutrients to combat malnutrition as well as nutritional wellness.

Our social responsibility is coursed through our nonprofit arm, Vital-2-Life LLC. Vital-2-Life will focus on the nutritional and developmental needs of children suffering from lack of vitamins, zinc, and iron – all of which combined result in the second largest risk factor for diseases. To help alleviate these issues, we will pledge and/or donate a Vital-2-Life pouch to a humanitarian organization every time you buy a Powered Fresh pouch product online or from a retail store.

The Powered Fresh team is looking to unite with humanitarian and welfare leaders to actively improve the health and living conditions of children and adults across the globe. To buy our products or find more information about us, visit us at–2#/

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