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Singapore based 300 percent positive energy launches positive fashion line

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Singapore based 300 percent positive energy launches positive fashion line

July 20
12:27 2020
Singapore based 300 percent positive energy launches positive fashion line
Positive clothes for positive thoughts and actions

SINGAPORE – It has always been known that Positivity is an essential factor in the productivity of one’s work and emotions, be it from words of encouragement or even a smile. However, with everyone guarding their smiles with protective facial masks, it is now harder than ever before to spread and express these forms of Positivity to those around us. The education platform Positive 3K may have found the solution with the “Smile Movement’’ utilizing Dopamine Dressing and something known as Enclothed Cognition

Dopamine dressing is the trend of wearing the right clothes to improve one’s mood. From injecting a splash of color into one’s wardrobe to brighten up the day or even to buying T-shirts with positive slogans intended to make a person smile. The main question that people ask about this of course is, does it work?

The first thing to understand is the psychology of color. Colour has been found to have a great effect on how people think and act. Studies have shown that different colored objects and clothing can have different effects on individuals. Many trials were conducted showcasing a variety of traits different colors possess. For example, the color red demonstrates the power and a strong social status making the wearer appear more confident while the color white is perceived to be the least arrogant color and gives the impression that the wearer is very open-minded. The color orange on food would make a person hungrier, whereas the color blue would be a natural appetite suppressant.

Similarly to how color affects our thoughts and emotions, clothing, or the symbolization of the clothing itself, can also affect our behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and interaction with others. This is known as Enclothed Cognition.

Enclothed Cognition is a term coined by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky in their experiment in 2012. It relates to the effect which clothing has on a person’s mental process, the way they think, feel, and function in areas like attention, confidence, or abstract thinking. In short, the resulting effects of wearing “Positive” clothing can drastically improve one’s life in terms of health, mental conditioning and confidence. 

There are certain symbols or colors which are more widely associated with people with positive emotions. For example, the color yellow is more associated with happiness or joy and symbols like a smiley face are more associated with the same positive traits. Symbols such as skulls or derogatory words are most definitely symbols of more negative meaning in most cases.

The Dopamine Dressing is a perfect fit for the times we are now, there are no age restrictions to this and by dressing positively, everyone can take one step closer to spreading positive vibes and love to the people around them. Positive 3K is the leading platform taking the forefront in this worldwide positive movement, encouraging everyone all around the world to dress positively and let everyone know that everyone is in this together and that everyone will get through this as one united world.

This is not the first of Positive 3K’s many positive activities around the world. The Positive 3K education platform has been widely known to conduct positive enrichment courses to students of all ages and has seen an increase in demand mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, and many parts of Southeast Asia. Positive 3K’s founder Dato Sri Dr. Fams JP DK is also renowned for his philanthropic acts in different parts of the world. With the many situations we are facing globally, it is even more imperative to stay positive and push through so that we may all face a better brighter future together.”

The Positive 3K education platform has started producing its own “Positive Fashion” to help spread the positive message to everyone around them. These positive fashion clothing can either be purchased on their platform at or may also be given out during charity events that are conducted in collaboration with Positive 3K. Positive 3K seeks to work with charitable organizations everywhere to make the “Smile Movement” a memorable one for the year 2020.

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