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The Bubonic Plague Has Surfaced In The United States

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The Bubonic Plague Has Surfaced In The United States

July 20
16:39 2020
The Bubonic Plague Has Surfaced In The United States
In the 1300s an infectious bacterium surfaced through out Europe. This bacteria spread by fleas biting rodents, animals, and humans. This infectious bacterium has resurfaced in the United States.

As this world shift in this new age of Leo. So does events from the past re-occur. – Saint Ajabel

According to the historical archives of Europe in 1347 a bacterial infection surfaced from rodents. Fleas were biting infected rodents, and then biting humans causing this infection to spread. The Mayo Clinic call this bacteria Yersinia pestis.

Live Science’s Winston Black states that the bacteria Yersinia pestis caused 50% to 60% of the population of Europe to perish.

As the world suffer from the viral pandemic of Covid19 with 13,150,645 cases, and 574, 464 deaths as of July 14, 2020 according to the World Health Organization. The world is not ready for another plague.

Saint Ajabel reveals that the book of the Unveiling translated as Revelation has given insight about this world’s current suffering of plagues. Recorded ledger Revelation chapter 15.

As of July 14th 2020 the Bubonic Plague has surfaced in the United States. Household pets can be infected by bites from fleas according to Dr. Brett Levitzke of chief medical officer at Brooklyn’s Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group. – Gabrielle Fonrouge, New York Post

The Mayo Clinic also states that humans that are bitten by fleas can also be infected by this bacteria, but can be healed if the infection is treated early. The bacteria can also infect humans from the breath of animals including pets. The bacteria infects the lungs. The tests for having symptoms are blood, sputum from the lungs, and swollen lymph nodes.

The bacteria Yersinia pestis first case surfaced on July 14th 2020 by an infected squirrel in Colorado. – Ryan Miller, USA TODAY

Our planet now called Earth has an illness. If we as a planetary family do not unify, modify our thought processes, and elevate spiritually. We will continue to see signs of the times! – Saint Ajabel

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