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Dr. Leslie Inspires: Providing Hope for Mothers and Sons Everywhere

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Dr. Leslie Inspires: Providing Hope for Mothers and Sons Everywhere

July 20
20:18 2020
Dr. Leslie Inspires: Providing Hope for Mothers and Sons Everywhere

Dr. Leslie Transforms Mother-Son Relationships
Dr. Leslie Inspires Serves as a Change-Agent for Communities and Schools by Helping Struggling Mothers Transform Their Relationship with Their Sons

ATLANTA, GA – Being a parent can be one of the hardest jobs in the world, and when it comes to being a mother, that job gets even harder. As it happens, many mothers struggle with the relationship they have with their son, but for many, it gets increasingly more difficult as they enter adolescence into adulthood. During this period, mothers may feel like they’re losing control or that their relationship with their son has weakened, especially during a divorce. Thankfully, for mothers dealing with these issues, Dr. Leslie Inspires offers help.

Dr. Leslie Pledger is a former public school educator and the CEO of Dr. Leslie Inspires. With over 25 years of experience in public and private school education, Dr. Leslie has encountered many fragile relationships between African-American mothers and their sons. She believes that if these struggling mothers are empowered and educated, then the boys to men cycle will be stronger, and those young men will be empowered to make better decisions that will positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

Dr. Leslie Inspires offers a comprehensive coaching program for struggling mothers. Starting with a 45-minute discovery call, one-on-one coaching sessions are offered to help mothers rebuild and restore relationships with their sons to set them both on the path to healing. Additionally, Dr. Leslie offers group coaching sessions for mothers looking for the support and wisdom of like-minded women who can empathize with their struggles. With all of this comes courses based on her books which include practical strategies to help struggling and frustrated mothers strengthen their relationship with their sons, keys to stopping self-sabotaging behavior, and methods to discover their true, authentic selves along the way.

Additional value to the program is added by Mr. Wayne, Dr. Leslie’s husband, who gives women additional support and guidance by providing a “male perspective.”

Being an agent for cultural change and seeing the impact she is having on mothers and sons has put her on her soul’s path. When someone that she has helped sees the impact that she has made in their life and comes back to say “thank you,” it is her continuous confirmation that she is walking in her purpose for a time such as this.

“This is a subject that everyone knows exists but no one is talking about. I am a seasoned educator taking my expertise, wisdom, and knowledge learned through working with mothers and their sons of all ages and from all walks of life, and I have a proven strategy that works,” she says of her work.

Mothers looking to mend their relationship with their sons are welcome to visit Dr. Leslie’s website here, where they can find her coaching services and online courses.

For even more information, they can pick up her most recent book, Setting Boundaries for Your African-American Son: 8 Practical Steps to Take Control of Your Life, along with her other published works, right here.

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