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Horicreate Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Mobile UV-C Sterilizer

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Horicreate Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Mobile UV-C Sterilizer

July 21
12:23 2020

Horicreate launches mobile UV-C sterilizer. In the same vein, the brand announces launching of Kickstarter campaign for the same device. UV-C sterilizer eliminates viruses, bacteria and any form of pathogen instantly without leaving harmful traces. Also,   UV-C sterilizer designed by Horicreate is the best sterilizer to use at homes, hotels, bars, hospitals, cinemas, schools and other public places. This is because it poses no health hazard and can be carried around in a bag.

Horicreate designs the new mobile UV-C sterilizer in such a way that it requires no charging as it can be plug to any smartphone. To use mobile UV-C Sterilizer, which is nothing more than a size of a USB Port, user can just plug it into their mobile device and start using it immediately. With that, users are continually exposed to a clean environment. In addition, Horicreate mobile UV-C Sterilizer works as a safer alternative to potentially harmful chemicals that can be found on regular disinfecting devices.

Furthermore, mobile UV-C Sterilizer sterilizes all surfaces with its UV-C light & kills up to 99.9% of surface viruses and bacteria. It’s easy to handle, requires low-space, making it odor and corrosion-free. Easy Installation is also another factor that makes Horicreate mobile UV-C Sterilizer unique and easy to use. This is because its compact design allows users to carry the UV-C anywhere they go and use it anytime of the day without bothering about any negative health implications. The device is simply compatible with both Android and Apple phones. Furthermore, by visiting Hotcreate’s official website, users will be able to buy portable UV-C sterilizer that can help to kill 99.9% of virus, bacteria and pathogens on their:

  • Phones
  • Personal Computer
  • Keyboards
  • Keys
  • Door Knobs
  • Seats
  • Kitchenware
  • Tables etc

UV-C Sterilizer is a portable sterilizer that can be carried around and used anywhere. It can be plugged on your iPhone or Android smartphones as it requires no recurrent charging. This mobile UV-C sterilizer only takes 5 seconds to desterilize the surface of any material. So it is primarily designed to kill microbes, germs, bacteria and all forms of pathogen on any surface without leaving any harmful traces behind. This means, when this device is in use, users have nothing to worry about their r health. We need your support and donation for our Kickstarter campaign to mass-produce the mobile UV-C Sterilizer,” said project creator of mobile UV-C Sterilizer.

Furthermore, unlike other sterilizers, portable UV-C sterilizer has been perfectly made in such a way that its UV-C light destroys all kinds of microbes and pathogens by deactivating their core DNA. This enables the device to kill bacteria and pathogens that are on even the remotest part of an item.

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