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Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Family Law Needs an Attorney with Extensive Knowledge

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Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Family Law Needs an Attorney with Extensive Knowledge

October 20
11:46 2020

Sometimes divorce is inevitable.  Couples may try counseling and do everything in their power to avoid divorce but sometimes there are such irreconcilable differences that divorce is the only alternative.  When a huge rift occurs, with frequent arguing and the marriage becomes a “battleground” the parties involved many times are better off starting over and getting divorced.  Although a divorce can be heard in court through the litigation process, it is oftentimes a better alternative to enlist the assistance of a seasoned attorney who is a well-versed negotiator.  The attorney chosen for any divorce negotiations should have experience in Collaborative Family Law, which is a highly specialized type of family and divorce law.  Also known as Collaborative Family Practice, there are attorneys in Toronto that service the GTA in this type of specialized law.  One such law firm is Lichtblau Law of North York, Toronto, ON.

Any attorney chosen needs not only knowledge and experience but a certain type of personality.

Both mediation and Collaborative Family Law share similarities as parties come to an agreement.  However, in simple terms, mediation involves a third party with strict guidelines and can occur inside a court setting with a judge, or outside of the court setting without one.  A judicial hearing always ramps up costs in any type of divorce or family law issues   Collaborative family law on the other hand can involve an attorney for both parties and both parties in a divorce are counseled prior and usually amenable to an agreement that both approve of before the process even starts.  The overall feel is more laid back and ground rules are in place beforehand.  Mutual respect must be agreed upon, as well as a promise not to go to court or abort the proceedings in favor of litigation during the process.  Full disclosure by both parties of all assets and intended outcomes must be forthcoming.  Both are forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, but the atmosphere is much less formal and stress-filled in Collaborative Family Law.  This occurs because it is more of a holistic approach to dispute resolution during divorce

The holistic approach may mean the presence of financial experts and even social workers.

Since the whole approach is holistic other experts that will give valuable insight into financial division of assets and property might be present.   Social workers if child visitation and custody are to be decided might also be present.  This does mean that any law firm with decades of experience like Lichtblau Law is the best choice for the holistic approach needed in Collaborative Family Law in order to achieve the most equitable outcomes.  Any law firm chosen for this holistic approach seeks to mitigate any adverse emotions, not aggravate them, and therefore clients must always choose law firms carefully that provide divorce, family law, mediation, and of course, Collaborative Family Law. 

About Lichtblau Law

Lichtblau Law in North York has been providing all types of family law, divorce law and mediation and Collaborative Family Law for over twenty years.  There is an extensive FAQ, a video, an email form, a phone, and a blog for information.  The law firm has a Facebook presence, a Linked In presence and a Twitter account.  This firm also can provide real estate law advice and representation as well as wills, trusts, and estates. 

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