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Mickey Royal’s new book unearths the untold story of emasculation of Black men by Black women

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Mickey Royal’s new book unearths the untold story of emasculation of Black men by Black women

November 02
21:18 2020
“I’m Leaving You For A White Woman” by Mickey Royal reveals the long suppressed stories of abuse faced by black men from Black women.

Los Angeles, CA – November 02, 2020 – Violence against women has been written and discussed about time and again for decades now. But, not many are aware that males, especially Black males, have been victims of emasculation and abuse too by Black women for long. In that light, former Hollywood king and author Mickey Royal has recently launched his new book which aims to shed light on the horrific experiences of abuse faced by Black men. Titled “I’m Leaving You For A White Woman”, the book has been largely reciprocated by many Black men who have defined it as a fillip to come up with their own stories of abuse.

“I’m Leaving You For A White Woman” has been released on Amazon and is available in both Kindle and Paperback versions. Dubbed as “The most controversial book ever written” by Barbershop Consensus, the book has garnered rave reviews on Amazon for its assertive content and straightforward way of storytelling.

“I really enjoyed this story. From my experience there were a lot of truths in this tale. I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this book.”

“I’m Leaving You For A White Woman” revolves around the story of Dennis, a Black man. Tormented by severe problems in his relationship, Dennis decides to seek counseling from a therapist. As he begins his soul-searching exploration under the guidance of the therapist, he starts to unearth his long repressed feelings of anxiety and emasculation. It is through the process that he realizes that all these emotions that have been distressing him are the results of systematic, subconscious and subliminal emotional abuse inflicted by Black women into Black men for decades. Upon this realization Dennis also arrived at the conclusion that many black men have been the victim of this suffering but they couldn’t muster the courage to come forward, until now. 

(In Frame: Author – Mickey Royal)

“I am glad to announce the release of my new book ‘I’m Leaving You For A White Woman’ and I am really honoured to witness the appreciation it has received from readers, especially Black male. This is a story that has been a burning issue for decades among Black men and the truth had to be told someday. Being from the same community, I know many Black men who have faced the same trauma for years and that’s grossly unfair. Unfortunately, a lot of men couldn’t gather the strength to speak up against consistent abuse previously – I am hopeful my book will render them the needed inspiration to voice against the unjust abuse and emasculation they have been facing for long which will further motivate many other men to come forward as well”, stated the author.

About the author

A many of many parts, Mickey Royal is a former gangster, a legendary pimp, F.O. I as well as a columnist, poet, playwright and a leading novelist. He has been hailed as “The premier writer of our time” by The Real Freeway Rick Ross and as “Pure Genius” by American Literary Society. The erstwhile Hollywood king has also directed and produced around 100+ adult films. 

As an author, Royal has penned 5 books so far, including “The Pimp Game: Instructional Guide”, “The Pimp Game: Secrets of Mind Manipulation”, “Along for The Ride”, “Pimping Aint Easy: But Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and “I’m Leaving You for A White Woman”.

For more information, please visit Amazon.

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