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Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Offers Eyelid Surgery Through Local Anesthesia

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Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Offers Eyelid Surgery Through Local Anesthesia

November 25
09:04 2020
Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Offers Eyelid Surgery Through Local Anesthesia

Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbars and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment
Robert W. Sheffield’s plastic surgery practice is now open for eyelid surgery appointments with local anesthesia procedures. The clinic follows the social distancing and CDC norms.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is performed to give a youthful and wrinkle-free look to the patient’s drooping, sagging, or crow’s feet appearing eyelids. The eyelids are the first areas on the face that shows the signs of changing, and cosmetic eyelid surgery can help it.  Eyelid surgery Santa Barbara by Dr. Sheffield is done using local anesthesia, where the solution called lidocaine numbs the upper eyelid area. The local anesthesia procedure is safe, affordable, and quickly recovers as compared to general anesthesia. It is minimally invasive but has no physiological and discomfort signs.

According to Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, “We perform the eyelid surgery with the local anesthesia technique to correct the baggy eyelids, tired or drooping eyes, aging, and puffy eyes and remove the excess skin. If there is any medical problem with your eyelid, that is corrected through this eyelid surgery too. We make a small incision with this technique’s help on the upper crease of the patient’s eye. We will remove the excess tissue from the eyelid area to give it a smooth effect. The good thing about tumescent anesthesia or local anesthesia is that the area heals quickly.”

After eyelid surgery, the patient can return to work after a few days as the head need to keep on an elevated height to give the eyelid area maximum rest. Another great thing about local anesthesia is that it offers natural-looking results to the patients, and there is no swelling post-surgery or bruises mark.

“We provide complete rejuvenation of your eyelid area with this eyelid surgery. Our team provides full consultation and diagnoses the patient’s condition before administering this treatment. The patients with fine lines, crow’s feet, puffy or droopy eyes, fatty tissues, and occluded vision are the best candidates for eyelid surgery,” he further added.

The added benefit of getting the blepharoplasty procedure using local anesthesia is contouring near the eye gets smoothened up, the skin gets tight, vision gets improved, rejuvenated, and the refreshed look is imparted to the patient after the eyelid surgery.

About Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery

Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, is a renowned plastic surgery practice based in Santa Barbara. The clinic has evolved in providing aesthetic treatment for many years. It now offers specialized facial rejuvenation procedures including short scar facelift, facelift, eyelid surgery, mini facelift, and rhinoplasty with local or tumescent anesthesia techniques at his office.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Sheffield is a third-generation plastic surgeon in Santa Barbara. He focuses on minimally invasive and non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. He completed his medical school at the University of Tennessee, a surgical internship at Los Angeles, and residency training at the University of Florida. Dr. Robert did private practice in North County, San Diego, and performed innovative and reconstructive surgery in San Diego.

For further training, he went to Dallas for a premier training program. He is also the founder of the Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium and a life member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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