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Dental Clinic Lays Out the Pros and Cons of a Dental Bridge

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Dental Clinic Lays Out the Pros and Cons of a Dental Bridge

November 26
04:44 2020

A Canadian dental clinic has developed a special ‘pros and cons’ guide to fitting a dental bridge to help patients decide on the best treatment to transform their smile.

The Art of Dentistry, based in Toronto, has created the checklist to explain the advantages and disadvantages of fitting a dental bridge.

A spokesman from The Art of Dentistry said: “When our patients have to replace teeth that have been removed or fallen out, it is important they know all of the options so they can decide the best course of action. Of course, we always help guide our patients with these decisions and layout all of the possibilities, but this guide allows them to see the pros and cons of dental bridges down in writing and it helps the decision making process.”

The advantages of dental bridges include:

  • Dental bridges offer a patient a functional and aesthetic solution to replacing missing teeth
  • A bridge helps to make chewing easier
  • Many people don’t realize that missing teeth can change someone’s speech as it changes where the tongue sits in the mouth. A dental bridge will mean people can speak without being inhibited
  • The color of teeth used in a bridge can be matched to the color of the remaining teeth
  • Bridges can help with the structure of the mouth in the longer term. If a gap is not filled for a period of time, it can cause other teeth to move and spread out. This can change the shape of the mouth and impact on someone’s bite
  • A dental bridge can also help to reduce bone loss in the jaw, which means a patient will retain the shape of their face, which is a huge consideration
  • Patients adjust to dental bridges very easily
  • They are easy to maintain as they don’t need to be removed like old fashioned dentures, they can be brushed like normal teeth.

The disadvantages of dental bridges:

  • Sometimes the health teeth either side of the gap that hold the bridge in place can become damaged
  • There is a risk of decay if the bridge is not fitted correctly and bacteria and plaque manage to get underneath it
  • The structure of the teeth could change if a bridge is fitted
  • If the teeth supporting the bridge are not strong enough, they could collapse
  • In some cases, the supporting teeth may need to be replaced by dental implants to continue to support the structure

“There are many advantages for patients opting for dental bridges, but it is our job as dentists to help patients identify whether it is the right rout for them and doing the very best job of fitting them. Really the disadvantages of dental bridges are down to us – fitting the bridge correctly and making sure it is the right option for our patients when we weigh up the health and structure of the rest of their teeth and mouth,” he added.

About the Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is a dental clinic is based in Yorkville and serves communities across the Toronto area. The clinic offers general and cosmetic dentistry: from cleaning and checking ups to teeth whitening, veneers and implants.

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Company Name: The Art of Dentistry
Contact Person: Dr. Sol Weiss
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Phone: (416) 927-7677
Address:25 Bellair St
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M5R 2C8
Country: Canada

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