Identity Governance and Administration and Other Measures for Mitigating Internal Security Threats According to

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Identity Governance and Administration and Other Measures for Mitigating Internal Security Threats According to

September 29
03:12 2022
Identity Governance and Administration and Other Measures for Mitigating Internal Security Threats According to

Today’s businesses are up against numerous hurdles. Mitigating security risks is among the most prominent due to the ongoing uptick in cyberattacks. More than 22 billion sensitive records were exposed last year alone because of increasingly sophisticated tools and strategies at hackers’ disposal. Lax security measures in businesses are causing issues, too.

Businesses can protect themselves as well as their employees, customers, and vendors by putting more effective security measures in place. Those interested can pop over to this website to learn more. For now, though, take a look at some of the factors companies should keep in mind. 

Reducing Internal Security Risks

Research indicates that the majority of businesses feel cybersecurity risks are on the rise and that they’re not prepared to handle attacks. Few realize that nearly half of those risks are on the inside, and many of the outside threats are fostered by inside issues. Identity governance and administration can aid in keeping those threats at bay. 

Looking at Internal Threats

Several internal security issues can arise within a company, according to One of the most common and easily preventable is allowing unauthorized personnel to access secure files. This often happens when employees open files on their computers and walk away without closing them. From there, the wrong people can simply gather the information they want. 

Resolving this issue and eliminating the risks it creates is as simple as ensuring employees understand the importance of closing files and not leaving secure information open for all to see. That’s only one aspect to consider, though. Many more issues are in play, and not all of them are so easy to handle without companies like Saviynt Inc., and the security solutions they offer. 

Educating Employees on Security Risks

As alluded to previously, many employees don’t realize they’re placing their employers at risk. They’re simply carrying out ordinary, seemingly harmless actions. For one, staff members often use personal computers for work or vice-versa. Either of those can open unexpected doors for hackers to make their moves. 

At the same time, something as simple as opening a malicious email can place sensitive information at risk. Phishing emails are on the rise, and wrongdoers are growing more skilled at disguising them. Employees should be trained to spot malicious emails and understand how to safely deal with them. 

Improving Access Control Measures

Additionally, companies need to implement better access control measures. That’s where identity governance and administration come into play. Administrators should carefully examine which employees need access to which sectors of the company’s information. From there, they need to keep a close watch over users who are granted access and manage them accordingly.

Keeping Today’s Businesses Safe

Numerous security strategies are available for businesses to use. Several tools are available to foster security, as noted in the recent write-up, “BalkanID brings AI to identity governance and administration to take on SailPoint.” Security solutions are continually advancing, too.

While businesses are bombarded by security threats, many problems come from inside rather than being brought on by outside forces. As such, companies must take action to reduce those internal risks. Understanding the issues at hand, educating employees on mitigating those problems, and bolstering access control measures are some of the most effective ways to do so.

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