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September 29
03:36 2022 Compares Cushion Cut Engagement Rings to Other Styles

Choosing an engagement ring is one of the happiest and most important events leading to marriage. A ring is a symbol of commitment, an elegant adornment, and often a piece of jewelry that lasts a lifetime, so choosing a cut that one will love for years is essential. Comparing cuts is crucial since there are so many options. One may like a cushion cut engagement ring but fall in love with another style after viewing several. It’s not necessary to be a gemologist to make a great selection. Since there is a lot to consider, it helps to do one’s homework before purchasing an engagement ring.

Do a Little Comparison Shopping 

A few hours online looking at various ring choices will simplify the buying experience. Understanding what cuts are available and what they look like can narrow down one’s options. While looking at and reading about cuts and styles, one ring is likely to catch one’s eye. 

A jeweler’s website includes photos and price estimates for various engagement rings. It may also provide valuable additional info about the pros and cons of each style and discuss which types are most popular, according to

Going for Trending Styles 

Ring shoppers interested in up-to-the-minute styles will want to identify the trendiest cuts. For instance, one can research What are 2022’s top engagement ring trends? Cartier’s diamond halo designs, Graff’s bespoke settings – and the always classic three-stone ring are sure to make the list.  

A search for in-vogue styles will show that Graff’s bespoke settings and the always classic three-stone ring are customer favorites. Buyers who want to meld traditional with uniqueness might choose a cathedral setting with arches that mimic those of cathedrals.

A Taste for Traditional 

For those who prefer a classic diamond ring cut, companies like Gema & CO offer a range of timeless choices that include:

  • Cushion cut. There’s a reason so many couples choose this setting. The classic cushion cut has a classic look and appeal. Cut in a square shape that has round corners, the stone resembles a cushion or pillow. It combines a charming vintage look with a modern brilliant faceting.

  • Round brilliant cut. Just as the name implies, this diamond is round and created with a brilliant cut designed to maximize its beauty. Each facet is precisely placed to get optimal light reflection, refraction, and disbursement, which accounts for its exceptional sparkle and fire.

  • Princess cut. The GIA describes this cut as a rectangular modified brilliant cut. The stone has pointed edges or corners with a rectangular or square shape. The only cut more popular is the round brilliant. 

  • Marquise cut. With this style, the stone has a football or boat shape and a modified brilliant cut.

  • Pear cut. Sometimes called a teardrop cut since the stone is shaped like a tear, this cut has one elongated end and is rounded at the other.  

Choosing the ideal engagement ring is essential, so it pays to spend time comparing available ring styles. The stone’s cut plays a huge part in the style, and many are available. Some of the most popular include the cushion, round brilliant, princess, marquise, and pear cut.

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