Cali Plumbing & Rooter, A California Plumbing Firm, Provides Five Tips to Assist Customers Get Rid of Stinky Drains.

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Cali Plumbing & Rooter, A California Plumbing Firm, Provides Five Tips to Assist Customers Get Rid of Stinky Drains.

January 18
03:30 2023
Cali Plumbing & Rooter, A California Plumbing Firm, Provides Five Tips to Assist Customers Get Rid of Stinky Drains.

Panorama City Plumber
According to the organization, bad scents might indicate a number of plumbing problems that are usually simple to fix.

Cali Plumbing & Rooter owner Hector Gallegos says that if homeowners notice a strong and unpleasant odor emanating from their kitchen or bathroom, it could be a symptom of a problem with their home’s pipes. “The problem could be as simple as drain deodorization, but it could also be a sign of a more significant issue,” Gallegos says. “Every homeowner should check into this.”

Gallegos describes the five reasons why a home’s drains may create a foul odor as follows:

Bacterial evolution. Food scraps, grease, hair, and other items flushed down the drain can build up and cause an odorous biological waste over time. Use hot water, vinegar, and baking soda to unclog clogs and neutralize odors.

The gas trap stores the sewer stink. This is the pipe bend directly beneath the drain. If organic material-containing water is kept in the bend, or if the property recently experienced a sewage line backup, odors can become trapped in the trap and seep out. Although the baking soda, hot water, and vinegar procedure can be used to clean the pipe, if it is old and has absorbed the foul odors, it may need to be replaced.

The air vent has been obstructed. To maintain a proper flow of water through the system, plumbing systems require an air vent, which is commonly positioned on the roof. Leaves and animal debris can become entangled in the air vent, creating a vacuum and allowing scents to escape. This problem is easily resolved by completely cleaning or replacing the vent.

Garbage collection is unsanitary. Homeowners can regularly clean their garbage disposals using cold water, ice cubes, and lemon peels to remove any food particles that have been adhered to the disposal’s side and are generating odors. This will also ensure that the appliance runs smoothly.

Backups of the sewer system. The most dangerous source of odors is a plugged main sewer drain. If the odor is similar to rotten eggs or sulfur, the sewage line may be failing. A qualified plumber can use video location equipment to scan the sewage pipe for signs of obstructions or breaks before assessing whether it needs to be unclogged or replaced.

“When unpleasant scents are noticed from many drains, real difficulties occur,” Gallegos explained. “This could suggest a larger problem with your plumbing, sewer line, or municipal lines. If the problem appears to be located outside of the homeowner’s property, contact a plumber and the local utility company. Smelly scents are frequently indications of a condition that could jeopardize the health of your family, therefore they should be treated as soon as possible.”

Cali Plumbing & Rooter has been offering plumbing and drain services since 2021, with a focus on providing a great experience for each customer. The company has nine service area sites around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and offers both residential and commercial solutions. They also provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For further information, visit or contact (818) 724-2728.

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