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Ovidiu Toma, CEO CryptoDATA: a good strategy, a strong team and the right actions can save a company during pandemic

Ovidiu Toma, Chief Executive of CryptoDATA, speaks exclusively about how the unexpected challenges of 2020 influenced his company, in the field of technology and secure digitization The year 2020 meant

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The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage chair: The Best Massage Chair to Help Survive 2021

Not all massage chairs are created equal! While there are chairs that are designed and manufactured according to relatively  low-tech specifications, there are also chairs such as the Daiwa Supreme

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CHAX® Is Now Better Than Ever In 2021 with Brand-new Enhanced Features and the Classic Practicality

CHAX® Software, Inc. has released the highly anticipated CHAX Version 10 of their debt collection software infused with an advanced user interface and features ensuring a seamless check by phone

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The Surprising Way Mojob’s Artificial Intelligence Decides Who To Hire

Hiring decisions are one of the most important decisions companies make. It impacts a company’s performance and people’s life. Novel ways of using AI can change the way hiring is

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Comfy Home Now Offering Air Conditioning Repairs

As part of their commitment to always putting the customer first, ComfyHome are now offering air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Is Available In Fairfield, CA

Homeowners start new remodeling projects when they are considering a change or if they want to sell their home. With

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Study Released on How Electric Bills Can be Lowered

Most folks are interested in discovering ways to lower their electric bill, particularly as the months become colder and the

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Study Released on How Important Power Generators Are

Many Americans consider themselves prepared for natural disasters. But as soon as the power goes out, many of those same

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Financial Aid Expert Says COVID-19 Provides Unexpected Financial Aid Opportunities

Denver, Colorado – Are you concerned or worried about paying for your child’s college education because of the COVID-19 pandemic? If

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Use of COOLPO AI HUDDLE PANA in Different Industries

Virtual meetings have become necessary and universal, as remote working becomes more and more common. The following article will discuss

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January 2021