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Ex-Juvenile Dieter Cantu promotes juvenile and criminal justice reforms

Dieter Cantu, author of Cantu Books has dedicated his life to helping incarcerated youths and promoting change in the justice reforms. Houston, Texas, United States – After his personal experience

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VII Ventures Leads $14.2M Series B3 Funding Round for Jumbotail – India’s leading Food and Grocery Ecommerce and New Retail Platform

The newly launched venture capital firm expands its already impressive portfolio by leading a competitive funding round for Jumbotail, one of the leading companies in the global grocery ecommerce and

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Top SEO Firm Sharing Tips of Engaging Audience on Instagram

Instagram is not only filled with businesses that want to promote their product or services. This social media platform is also filled with two other equally important components; every-day individuals

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Looking for Versatile Portable Monitors? AUZAI May Be the Best Choice in 2021

Nowadays cloud meetings and online lectures are becoming more and more mainstream, but sometimes it’s just way too difficult to stay as efficient as in the office or library. Switching

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1829 CARL SCHMIDT SOHN Kitchen Knife Set: An Opponent That Cuisinart Has to Pay Attention To

Do those problems look familiar? Always bothered by a rusting kitchen knife. Felt pain because the kitchen knife broke. Don’t

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Gilmedia Offering Expertise of Combining UX and SEO

As the top SEO agency in Toronto, Gilmedia has been providing quality marketing and SEO services for clients from all

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Making a Career Move and Living the American Dream of a Young Graphic Designer

Helmi Kemppainen, originally from Finland, has travelled all around the world, in search of her passion of traveling, education and

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How a Young Graphic Designer, Helmi Kemppainen, from Finland Became a Success in America

Moving from a foreign country to America is difficult in itself. But to make such a move and to become

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Antwan set his goals, made plans, and then chased his dreams for a better life

The story of a teen who grew up with a single parent and had a lot of troubles during his

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Gilmedia Sharing Best Logo Design Practices for 2021

Logos are a point of identification. Not only do they help customers recognize a brand, they also differentiate a business

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January 2021