Cliquefluence Shakes up The Influencer Marketing Industry

Influencer Marketing Shaken up by Aussie Start-up “Cliquefluence” Sydney-based start-up company, Cliquefluence, is set to be a pioneer of the marketing industry with its first-class software platform and hybrid model

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Kevin Schewe’s ‘Bad Love Strikes’ Wins Best Screenplay Award at 7th Annual Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival

Jasper, Indiana, USA – November 29, 2021 – Kevin Schewe’s screenplay of Bad Love Strikes, has won its ninth international award as Best Screenplay at the Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film

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The advantages of the new Ford C-Max II loudspeaker is an online store for high quality car speakers from top brands and test winners. The Ford C-Max II is a vehicle built from 2010 – 2019 as the

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