Eon Luxe Now The #1 New Release In Pest Control Category On Amazon Online Store

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Eon Luxe Now The #1 New Release In Pest Control Category On Amazon Online Store

January 13
19:02 2020
A new brand that just started selling on Amazon gets #1 new release badge in the Pest Control category after just 3 weeks of launching. The device is easy to use, ecofriendly, and affordable

USA – Fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and drain flies are a total pain in the house, bar, and public places. They are careers of deadly diseases and can be very annoying, and disturbing both in the day and at night.

Using vinegar and bleach is considered as the most natural way to get rid of them; however, even this noble method is flawed and doesn’t work for most people.

Eon Luxe is proud to introduce its innovative device, a fruit fly killer, which is currently the most natural way to get rid of these buzzing trouble makers. After only just 3 weeks of launch, the product has gotten the #1 new release badge in the Pest Control category on Amazon.

Eon Luxe is a gnat trap that makes use of UV light, a fan, and glue pads to get rid of flies, easily, quickly, and effectively, without any side effects. The design blends in with other house appliances and even compliments the interior design.

To purchase the product at a reduced price, please visit the Amazon Store.

When it comes to getting rid of fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and drain flies, nothing should be left to chance. These flies are not to be messed with because they are known to cause serious damage and medical issues that can be sometimes devastating.

Eon Luxe is a revolutionary fruit fly trap designed to end the menace of these creatures and bring peace and happiness to a home, bar, or office where the problem lies. It’s also a reliable alternative gnat trap indoor device to using vinegar, dish soap, old wine, or other cheap glue traps, which mostly do not work and can sometimes be dangerous, especially for a home with kids.

The device works in three simple steps. The flies are attracted to the device through the UV Light. Once they get closer, the fan then draws the flies into the device and takes them through a no-escape cone-shaped vortex. At the bottom are six glue pads which eventually traps kill the flies.

The glue boards last about 6 months in the fall/winter, or approximately 3 – 4 months in the spring/summer. However, people who use them in business settings like restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops will have to replace the pads more frequently. Refill pads are available for purchase at a very affordable price.

Eon Luxe is not only a non-toxic mosquito killer indoor solution to get rid of flies, but it also whisper-quiet operation, easy to clean and set up, protects up to 320 square feet, and has no zapping, buzzing, or chemicals.

For more information, please contact 1-800-524-5687 or visit here.

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Company Name: Eon Luxe
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Phone: 1-800-524-5687
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