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Carol Romine Offers Divorce Mediation Services to Couples Who Want To Avoid the Cost and Adversarial Process of Litigated Divorce Process

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Carol Romine Offers Divorce Mediation Services to Couples Who Want To Avoid the Cost and Adversarial Process of Litigated Divorce Process

June 17
12:26 2020

Divorce is a stressful process and the parties involved often wants to do everything in their power to protect themselves and all the things they treasure. If the couples care about their future but are finding it a bit hard to finalize some issues, mediation is always a great option. Mediation involves hiring the services of a professional mediator to help the couples discuss and reach an agreement on certain issues. While mediation may not go smoothly without a few moments of tension, it gives the divorcing parties an opportunity to communicate and work together to reach amicable agreements.

Unlike judges in courtrooms, mediators are not there to make decisions for the divorcing parties. On the contrary, their role is to assist the parties to come to an agreement that is favorable for each of them. Besides, unlike litigation attorneys, mediators often remain impartial because their role is to assist both parties mutually.

Carol Romine has over 20 years of experience in family law and mediation and uses her extensive knowledge to help couples avoid the cost and adversarial process of the litigated divorce process. Carol and her team at Indiana Divorce Mediation, LLC believe that divorce processes don’t have to go down the adversarial path of litigation. They believe in finding better and less expensive ways to get a middle point between the divorcing parties.

“Litigation often creates opposition of wife against husband and vice versa, resulting in a damaged relationship,” says Carol Romine. “By design, the court system pits a husband against his wife or a wife against her husband. Though litigation may be a great way of making decisions in criminal or civil cases, it is not appropriate for a family in crisis. Even worse, the process can be very expensive. Attorney fee, for instance, may even exceed $500 per hour. Add this to filing fees, court reporter fees, pocket costs, transcript fees, and witness subpoenas and you can easily see that a lot of money that would be used by the couples and their children go to waste.” 

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Process

Carol and her team ensure that couples get comprehensive legal education and creative negotiation assistance to help them avoid the common mistake of a litigated divorce process. She works with child specialists to cater to parenting plans and financial professionals to help with tax calculations, asset valuations, and other financial complexities. This interdisciplinary approach gives her clients maximum value from each professional in an efficient and cost-effective way.

About Carol Romine

Carol Romine is a family law and mediation expert with a combined experience of more than two decades in family law and mediation. Together with her team at the Indiana Divorce Mediation, LLC, they have handled hundreds of cases throughout Hamilton County. Her passion for helping couples reach amicable agreements in divorce cases has steered her law firm to great success in Hamilton County and the entire state of Indiana.

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