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A Reputable Lips, Eyebrows PMU And Skincare Beauty Center In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Miss Tram Spa

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A Reputable Lips, Eyebrows PMU And Skincare Beauty Center In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Miss Tram Spa

July 21
14:20 2020
A Reputable Lips, Eyebrows PMU And Skincare Beauty Center In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Miss Tram Spa

The MISS TRAM brand has won the Golden List, the Gold Cup Award, the Community Award and the Golden Hand Cup by the State; Voted as a reputable and reliable brand voted by Consumers. When you trust give the opportunity Miss Tram team, we will do our best to help you become more and more beautiful, confidently express yourself and spread endless inspiration to others.
Talk about story MAKE UP of women and brothers today: Beauty first is for themselves, so every morning in front of the mirror is to feel happier. There is nothing wrong with it or evil. When one is happy, it is always possible to do many meaningful things for loved ones, people around them, and inspire others.

Being beautiful is one of the most significant privileges that any woman cannot miss. Let’s Miss Tram Beauty Center stand with you on your beauty journey.

To be beautiful is the biggest desire that both of us spent our whole life dreaming of. Be beautiful not to “flare” people, to “seduce” someone, but to love and to become happy when looking at ourselves in the mirror.

Thẩm mỹ viện Miss Trâm

Thanks to modern cosmetic technologies, we can now become beautiful regardless of our natural-born appearance. But the problem is, where to find a popular and reliable address that understands what you need. Which will be the right address that can bring you a real natural beauty?

With 15 years of experience in helping women in Vietnam with their appearance, Miss Tram Natural Beauty Center is a reputable place that can bring you the natural and harmonized beauty that you are longing for.

About Miss Tram Spa Beauty Center:

Founded by Tram Dong, a 17-year qualified cosmetologist, Miss Tram Beauty Center pursuits the only goal to bring the natural beauty and absolute satisfaction to its customers.

Miss Tram Beauty Center features spacious facilities with advanced equipment and machinery that meet the standards of the Vietnam Ministry of Health.

Apart from that, it is the human factor that built the success of Miss Tram Beauty Center. Here gathers the top cosmetologists who are formerly and regularly trained in leading countries in the field such as Korea, Japan, the USA, etc. Also, you will be pleased with the best services from the well-trained, knowledgeable staff at Miss Tram Beauty Center.

With the aim of satisfying customer’s demand, Miss Tram Beauty Center is updated with the most advanced cosmetic technologies from countries in the world. The beauty processes applied at Miss Tram Beauty Center are backed with science and compliant with global and Vietnam standards.

Before applying the modern process, the team of professional staff at Miss Tram Beauty Center will study the method thoroughly and redesign it to make it suitable for Vietnamese and Asian beauty preferences.

Services at Miss Tram Beauty Center:

At Miss Tram Beauty Center, you will receive the best services and care with efficiency and absolute safety.

Skin Treatment

Miss Tram Beauty Center is where you can find professional dermatologists to help you solve skin problems such as acne, scars, wrinkles, freckles, etc. You will receive free advice on acne status and current skin issues from experts before having a treatment solution for your skin.

nhung-ket-qua-chuyen-sau-khi-dieu-tri-mun-tai-miss-tram.jpg (640×427)

With micro-point shock technology and esoteric oriental medicine, Miss Tram Beauty Center has helped more than 3,000 people with their acne skin. They commit to thoroughly treating nine common types of acne and scars with different methods depending on your skin status.

Skin Rejuvenating

One of the first spas applying HiFu S+ technology, Miss Tram, is the leading in lifting and rejuvenating skin safely.

lão-hóa-da.jpg (1000×655)

HiFu S+ beauty procedure is guaranteed to be safe for all sexes and ages. It does not include any surgical intervention to remove wrinkles, smoothen your skin, and call back your youth.

Lip And Eyebrow PMU

The most famous service at Miss Tram Beauty Center is Permanent Makeup. At Miss Tram Beauty Center, cosmetologists will help you reshape your eyebrows, lighten your lips, beautify your eyelid. Miss Tram Beauty Center is where you will find top-quality services in the field.

phun-theu-chan-may-tai-miss-tram-768x482.jpg (768×482)

Miss Tram Beauty Center offers you a great number of eyebrow embroidery options from sprayed embroidery eyebrows to sculpting eyebrows for both males and females. With advanced embroidery and sculpting technologies, you will receive a beautiful and harmonized eyebrow.

Lip spraying and sculpting with mHey technology will help you improve dark and pale lips. With only one 40-minute procedure, you will regain your pigmented, natural lips without experiencing any pain.

Eyelash Lifting

If you are looking for a reliable service on eyelash extension, Miss Tram Beauty Center will be a wise choice. With modern technology and qualified cosmetologists, your eyes will be magnified to be glamorous and attractive.

1.-Dich-vu-noi-mi-cong-tu-nhien-tai-tham-my-miss-tram-768x768.jpg (768×768)

At Miss Tram Beauty Center, eyelash services are guaranteed to not sting, no discomfort, no shedding real eyelashes. Also, Korea-imported silk lashes meet the safety standards and quality, which offers you an absolute peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose Miss Tram Beauty Center?

+ Qualified cosmetologists, who often receive training in advanced training like the USA, Japan, Korea
+ Whole-hearted staff with broad knowledge about the field
+ Well-equipped facilities with advanced machinery and safety equipment
+ Luxury spa room with a comfortable interior
+ Professional services with guaranteed quality and absolute safety

The more beautiful you are, the more confident you feel. Don’t hesitate to start your beauty journey with Miss Tram Beauty Center today.


Media Contact
Company Name: Miss Tram Spa Beauty Center
Contact Person: Master Dong Bao Tram
Email: Send Email
Phone: +84909783289
Address:126/6 Phan Xich Long, Ward 3, Bình Thanh District
City: Ho Chi Minh
Country: Vietnam

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