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Integrated Risk Management And Governance Risk Compliance By Parapet For Growth And Reputation Management

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Integrated Risk Management And Governance Risk Compliance By Parapet For Growth And Reputation Management

September 10
15:30 2020
Integrated Risk Management And Governance Risk Compliance By Parapet For Growth And Reputation Management
Parapet enables enterprises to meet their risk assessment and risk management requirements without the need for customization. It helps organizations inculcate a risk-aware culture through the latest technology and architecture practices.

According to Parapet’s announcements, the company provides integrated risk management (IRM) solutions for enterprises. It enables businesses to implement security measures, boost reputation, and achieve growth. Through IRM, top-level decision-makers can make informed decisions promptly via a formalized process and manage risks. Having a system in place allows businesses to identify risks early, analyze the impact, and implement adequate risk mitigation steps. 

Parapet offers a 3-pronged solution that enables risk mitigation at the highest levels. Experienced consultants from the company are at hand to provide domain expertise and technical knowledge relevant to the industry. Clients can expect to benefit from the following three capabilities – identification, management, and governance. Tailored identification strategies for sectors such as banking, healthcare, telecom, etc. enable active threat identification. 

The company implements solutions for both SMBs and enterprises. Parapet facilitates a clinical and tested approach to risk management. Governance risk compliance is vital for businesses to run modern enterprises to stay on the right side of legislation. Parapet helps with governance through audit management, remediation management, business continuity management, etc. 

Companies are beginning to appreciate the benefits of an integrated risk management strategy. With Parapet, businesses can implement a cohesive and detailed IRM strategy that does not require any customization. This helps save time and money and presents a very attractive cost-to-benefit proposition. The savings regarding risks thwarted and reputation enhancement are worth the investment in Parapet’s solutions.

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Parapet said, “With Parapet’s IT Risk management Solution, you can monitor, reduce or eliminate your IT risks to protect your enterprise assets, data and reputation. Our robust IT Risk Management service offers cybersecurity with a Risk-Based Framework to ensure your organization’s compliance with industry and international standards such as ISO 31000, NIST, etc. It will alert you to both internal and external threats. Secure IT system components, data, availability, and accuracy are critical for any enterprise’s success. With the growing adoption of cloud computing, the need for cybersecurity discipline has become even more significant than it was before.”

On the need for integrated risk management, Parapet said, “Companies are proactively managing their exposure to risk every day. Whether you look at it this way or not, every high-level business decision is either taking on or mitigating some risk level to the given company. And unfortunately, in today’s day and age, businesses are exposed to more risk than ever before. One growing example among many is the exposure to ransomware.

Ransomware will cost businesses a whopping USD17 billion in 2020. And what about choosing not to create redundancy in your company’s IT infrastructure? According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. The difficult truth is that technological progress can create phenomenal new business opportunities, but it can also create new exposure to risk. It is critical that in today’s technological age, those high-level decision-makers have a realistic, actionable, and clear-cut strategy for mitigating risk.”

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