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Forest Lighting Fresh Air New Products Hosts Global Release Conference – Five Years Forging the Sword, Cocoon-break and Rejuvenated

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Forest Lighting Fresh Air New Products Hosts Global Release Conference – Five Years Forging the Sword, Cocoon-break and Rejuvenated

December 17
19:48 2020

Zhongshan, China – On December 12th, the “Cocoon-break · Rejuvenated · Global release conference”, hosted by Forest Lighting Fresh Air, set sail at the Westin Hotel in Zhongshan’s ancient town. The leaders of Zhongshan municipal government, the industry’s elite and many friends from media area gathered together, shining new life, witness together.

Attending the meeting included the Chief Executive Officer of Forest Lighting Fresh Air: Xiong Renhong, Chairman of Zhongshan City MLS CO., TLD: Sun Qinghuan, Vice Chairman of Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province: Gu Shiming and other leaders and guests.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air Eco-grade Air Reduction

People spent more than 80% of their lives indoors, thus air quality is closely related to national health. But people inertial thinking feel that good air is clean air, only concerned about indoor air clean or not.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air products can not only purify the air, but also optimize the air, increase the health of the body’s air vitamins – negative ions. Forest Lighting Fresh Air redefines healthy air ecology, good air is not only pure air, but also clean but rich in beneficial air

Forest Lighting Fresh Air · Innovate Futuristic Technology

After five years of 1840 days and nights of research and development, with more than 20 years of manufacturing technology precipitation, 30 experts technical crystallization, continue to break through the negative ion industry technical problems, a comprehensive grasp of the negative ion core technology, research and development of a Forest Lighting Fresh Air series of products, redefine the healthy air ecology, a comprehensive layout of the 2021 air health market.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air series products, release high concentration of negative ions, capture purifying pollutants, purifying from the source of pollution, the human body no longer become a filter purifier “inhalation-purification-release” when another purifier. After detection by Guangdong microorganisms and other authorities, H2N3 influenza virus killing rate as high as 99.96%, coagulation virus and other proteins for microorganisms, and decomposition of bacterial residues; The proportion of particulate matter is as high as 80%-90% of the ultra-fine particle PM1, PM formaldehyde decomposition rate is 86.10%, the harmful gas air ion ionized into carbon dioxide, water and other stable and harmless small molecules, care for people’s respiratory health, Let people enjoy the pure air.

At the launch site, Forest Lighting Fresh Air simulates the atmospheric environment, shows the purification effect of the product, thousands of people witness its remarkable effect, has been the participation of the news media, industry experts highly affirmed.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air · Redefining the Air Purification Industry

At this launch, Forest Lighting Fresh Air redefined the air purification industry, to the user’s consumer demand as the center, providing users with “one-stop” service, do a good job of air solutions resource integrators!

Forest Lighting Fresh Air is committed to being an indoor healthy air ecosystem provider! Committed to indoor micro-environment transformation! Committed to providing users with indoor healthy air overall solutions!

Forest Lighting Fresh Air is committed to let people breathe good air, enjoy a better life! Let everyone no longer need air purification, so that every breath can harvest safety and health!

In the field of big health, Forest Lighting Fresh Air Project will extend around the entire indoor air health sector to the smart home sector. At present, the smart home sector is also in the layout, this year will also be introduced new products, is expected to launch 10 to 15 products each year.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air · Turn On the New Modality of Healthy Air Healing

Forest Lighting Fresh Air series products, releasing of hundreds of millions of ecological negative ions. High concentrations of negative ions are a secret weapon to protect the health of your family. Forests, waterfalls, seaside negative ions exceed 10000/cm3, and the average concentration of Bama negative ions in longevity village ≥ 3000/cm3. The healthy medical value of high concentration negative ions to cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems is constantly certified by the authorities.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air’s deep-lying offline experience store leads the way in spending by millions of households. Innovative launch of the “thousands of stores” strategic plan, by the end of 2022 to build 1000 Forest Lighting Fresh Air experience hall, 180 regional experience service centers, in major cities across the country planted the green flag, to dot the surface, radiation throughout the country and even the world;

At the same time on-line network marketing system, multi-channel communication to build, including online traffic platform, increase brand exposure, to create a new type of Internet ecological closed loop.

At this global press conference, Forest Lighting Fresh Air held a grand ceremony for city partners and dealers to sign the license, marking the “thousands of stores” market strategy has achieved a phased result.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air is making every effort to build forest hotels, forest hospitals, forest schools, forest maternity hotels, forest KTV, forest fitness centers, forest health clubs, forest beauty salons, forest tea rooms, forest offices, forest houses. Let people stay at home can breathe the forest-like air, so that the Forest Lighting Fresh Air brand of Forest Lighting Fresh Air deeply in the hearts of the people. A breath is life, breathe well, life is good!

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Company Name: Mullinsen (Guangdong) Health Technology Co., LTD
Contact Person: Angel Chan
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