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Entrepreneur and Inventor Niko Ostoik Prepares to Launch the Long-Awaited StylusCase X

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Entrepreneur and Inventor Niko Ostoik Prepares to Launch the Long-Awaited StylusCase X

December 21
14:42 2020
Entrepreneur and Inventor Niko Ostoik Prepares to Launch the Long-Awaited StylusCase X

The wait is finally over. After years of witnessing the ingenuity and technological prowess of Inventor Niko Ostoik, people have been at the edge of their seats for the game-changing innovation he’s sure to release. Finally, letting people relax and lean back, the creative entrepreneur has recently announced the upcoming launch of ‘StylusCase X.’

It is an acknowledged truth that gadgets such as laptops, digital tablets, and phones are as much a part of daily life as clothes and oxygen. Nearly everyone is online and a part of the virtual web where genuine connections are found in this day and age.

Improving what is now considered a “necessity,” countless innovations are released to ease access to or support the functions of these gadgets. Among these helpful products are phone cases – an innovation which the talented inventor Niko Ostoik has made his personal mission to set the standard.

Having been in the business of electronics for over four years now, Niko and his team are experts at identifying what items the public needs and what moves in the realm of gadgets and technology has not been attempted yet. 

The first-ever to hit two birds with one stone, Niko Ostoik holds the design patent to a unique phone case that features top quality designs, excellent grip support, and a sleek pocket to host his company’s StylusPen.

“We made a case that gives you the opportunity to keep your StylusPen always with your phone,” Niko hints at the StylusCase X.

Releasing not just the game-changing StylusCase X but a pen that works with any touch screen, the ingenious inventor is flipping the board and raising the bar in future designs. Accompanying the unique phone case, the StylusPen is ideal for optimizing the user interface on phones.

After countless product testings, Niko’s team listed down the StylusPen’s impressive results in improving daily use, editing, gaming, and using art-related applications – simplifying online interactions with the convenience brought by the entrepreneur’s upcoming innovation.

Not just with the StylusPen, however, the StylusCase X is also a winner by itself. Aiming for the comfort and style in sketching the StylusCase X, Niko and his team referred to years of business knowledge. They were pleasantly surprised with a look that is unique to his company and gives users a comfortable grip and excellent control over their phones. 

Featuring a unique X at its back, which, interestingly, serves as the pocket for the StylusPen, the upcoming StylusCase X redefines “ease” and “comfort.” 

With a StylusPen specially designed for the case, users will no longer worry about misplacing their pens and rummaging through countless items in their bag to find them. Along with its sleek, modern design, the StylusPen and StylusCase X are available in black, green, pink, and red.

Take a peek into the future and see what it holds in this YouTube video featuring Niko Ostoik’s upcoming StylusCase X. Contact the entrepreneur’s team and stay updated on the exciting product release by following StylusCase on Instagram or visiting its official website.

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