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How Instagram Influencer Rican Da Menace gained 100,000 Followers and Dozens of Fake Pages

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How Instagram Influencer Rican Da Menace gained 100,000 Followers and Dozens of Fake Pages

January 08
20:42 2021
Imposter accounts are nothing new, and that’s part of the problem. Fraudulent profiles have been around for years, and while they come under the guise of malicious accounts (which social media platforms vow to fight), they are still prevalent. Celebrities still have the freedom to decide where and how they communicate with their fans.

Fake Instagram followers are a dime a dozen. This is because there are services out there that sell fake subscribers to anyone who desperately needs to increase their online subscribers. Some do it for the status that gives thousands of subscribers, while others want sponsored gigs but don’t have enough to make it happen.

The problem with impostor accounts isn’t just an inconvenience; they threaten to alienate rankers from the different platforms they helped legitimize. For instance, Rican Da Menace gained 100,000 followers and some dozens of imposters Pages started to annoy her on social media. She is an American hip-hop artist with a considerable number of Instagram and social media followers. Rican Da Menace’s fans know her for her nail shop, music and attractive personality. She has faced the issue of fake accounts on Instagram and a lot of people who want to connect with her are claiming that she has dozens of accounts. She has announced her official Instagram account and guided her followers that she has only a real account. Her real account is @ricanndamenace, with 110K real followers. All other accounts with less number of followers are fake.
How Rican Da Menace gained 100,000 Followers
Rican Da Menace has gained fame and now has millions of Instagram and YouTube followers who love her music. People love to watch and enjoy her videos and music and have fun. It’s not just a matter of luck, but real dedication and communication with people are essential for people to love and follow you. When your audience finds things close or enjoys the entertainment you give them, then you are entering the industry.
She has a great sense of music and is a great performer, capable of engaging audiences. Hip-hop, which has gained a lot of popularity in all parts of the world, is what she was born for as she has the sound and chemistry for this art form and manages to do well at such a young age. Rican Da Menace released her video for “Let Me Know,” which was highly praised by the public and her followers and crossed millions of streams. She perfectly combined all the things in the video, including the song, voice, movement, appearance, which ended up in the video that the audience liked.
Today in social media, it has become much more comfortable to connect and reach people, so if you have the talent and courage to take a chance and prove your abilities, then it is the very right time now. Explore this world and embrace it with your capabilities and enjoy millions of people’s fame and love, which is a lovely feeling indeed. Follower count is not just a matter of complacency; they are a form of currency for the web as famous Instagram users use their influence to sign ad and promotional deals. Countless celebrities and copycats were hit when Instagram and Twitter decided to carry out a massive purge of fake accounts and spam a few years ago. So, if you spot a fake celebrity account, do report to Instagram. Your little act can save many people from the trap of imposter accounts.

Follow her on Instagram: @ricanndamenace and check her music on itunes, spotify

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