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How Much Does SEO Optimization Cost?

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How Much Does SEO Optimization Cost?

September 22
23:51 2021

SEO connects the search query of the users with the websites which have incorporated those keywords correctly. Just producing good content won’t do any good until it reaches your target audience. Hence, we can confidently say that SEO optimization is NOT LIMITED to producing good quality content. Like many gears work together to make a car move; similarly, SEO has many things going in the background, which altogether makes your website/ webpage/ e-commerce store land on Google’s first page.

Therefore, increasing your visibility and attracting more quality and quantity of targeted audience. “Everything comes at a price. Everything in your life. The question you have to ask yourself is, what price are you willing to pay?” ~ Paullina Simons SEO optimization is a full-time job, and you can choose to manage SEO by yourself or take the safe route by working with an SEO agency or a professional.

However, taking help from professionals will cost you money. But we believe, any expenditure we incur to grow our brand or business should be treated as an investment. Especially in the digital space where: 68% of the online experience of any user starts with the search engine, and every day, more than one-third of the US consumers use the internet to search for local business.

This investment in your website/eCommerce always gives a fruitful return. But the question we all might be wondering is how much does it cost to see ourselves on Google’s first page?? And through this article, we aim to provide you an idea about the SEO optimization cost. SEO optimization doesn’t have a fixed cost, and many factors influence these prices (which we discuss in this article). Still, most projects range between $400/month to $10,000+/month depending on the level of service and agency you choose to work with.


1) Experience of the agency or professional you are willing to work with. More the experience and past performance, translates into higher cost.

2) Your location and Location of the chosen Agency or professionals your website content or business operations confined to global, national, or local areas? Demographic and your target audience has influence over the SEO practices hence having a different cost structure.

3) Size of your business Whether you own (work for) a startup or an enterprise, the scale of your business has a lot of weight while determining the SEO optimization cost.

4) The pricing model of the SEO agency or professional “One size does not fit all.” The market has a wide range of pricing. The charges vary depending upon the quality, quantity, time, services you opt for.

5) Your existing visibility (in organic search) and current SEO strategy you follow It refers to your website’s current presence—number of backlinks to your profile, strength to your page, current SERPs ranking, etc. If you’re starting a new website, you should be prepared to incur more expenses and wait a little longer to see significant results.

6) Industry competition Competitiveness in the space or industry you are working in must be considered while making an SEO plan and selecting your target audience.

7) Your goals and objective Where you are and where you want to be. SEO optimization is the bridge between the two. Hence it is safe to say, Cost of great SEO depends on your goals.

8) Urgency SEO takes time. Depending upon how quickly you want to reach your goal, more resources will be required.


Many people and businesses have been looted by SEO agencies for their marketing services. But we are here to protect you; below are essential things you should look for when you do your SEO agency/ professional shopping.

1) Guaranteed ranks or page 1 placement Agencies try to lure the business and people by claiming placements of their website on page 1 of Google. However, Search engine Algorithms evolve constantly, and making a placement or rank guarantee should instantly alarm you. Ranks are not permanent; websites need to maintain their ranks by updating their content, or they’ll lose their position.

2) Cheap SEO Higher the value = Higher the cost, and lower price can mean low quality of service. Value and price are directly proportional to each other. SEO optimization consumes countless hours of effort, energy, analysis, etc., and if an agency provides them at a cheap rate, they are cutting corners or rely on shady methods.

3) Black Hat SEO Contrary to White hat SEO practices, Black hat SEO deliberately manipulates Search engines to quickly produce better (SERPs) website rankings. But these practices don’t drive long-term results, and using these tactics can lead to being penalized, which means lower ranking and declining organic traffic.

4) Immediate results SEO never stops, and it requires patience. After setting up a website, it needs to be actively updated and maintained to improve its ranking.


Is the price charged by the agency worth it? The answer to it is simple, DYOR! “Do your own research” before choosing an agency,

1) Check their past results. Ask the agency to provide with their past work which can prove their success.

2) Talk to their past clients. Read reviews on the agency’s website and 3rd party website.

3) Talk directly with the team. Try connecting with the people who will be managing the SEO rather than just talking to the sales representatives.

4) Educate yourself Check the red flags we shared above. And try to spot if a company deploys “black hat SEO” practices.

5) Compare the pricing model, red flags, and pointers mentioned above for different agencies. And choose the one which matches your requirements the best.


SEO optimization is different from internet advertising model. With SEO management, we try to drive the website’s organic growth, and it doesn’t yield immediate results. On the contrary, pay-per-click (PPC) ads do bring instant results. By no means can we have a winner between PPC and SEO; they both work together to give stunning results.

However, in a 2019 Databox survey,70% of respondents said SEO is better than PPC for generating sales.


SEO management and optimization is not a static process; instead, it is an ongoing process where research, reporting, strategizing, consulting, developing, and implementing is done round the clock. And we at SEOkyle offer a complete SEO marketing campaign with MONEYBACK GUARANTEE (that’s how confident we are with our results). We aim to give your website the most significant boost in the shortest amount of time possible.

Contact us now and get a FREE website audit.

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