Resilience: One Of The Essential Entrepreneurial Traits

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Resilience: One Of The Essential Entrepreneurial Traits

July 29
12:33 2022

More than any other group, entrepreneurs require resilience to bounce back from negative occurrences. Every lost client feels like a disaster if you don’t have stability. Despite being common, if painful, the conclusion of launching a business, failure appears to be a point of no return. On the other hand, resilience does not have to be all or nothing. Some entrepreneurs are better than others at getting back up and pivoting. What distinguishes those who flourish in challenging situations from others who crumble when confronted with adversity? Michele M. Tugade of the Vassar College Department of Psychology conducted research in 2004 that showed resilient persons have more pleasant feelings. Gratitude is the only positive emotion invoked in any situation, although positive emotions come in numerous colors. Therefore, you should keep gratitude in your back pocket as an entrepreneur.

Our social ties are built on gratitude. Our relationships with others are built and strengthened by sharing and expressing thankfulness. This is because reciprocal altruism motivates appreciation: when we provide something of value to others, we trust them to return us at some point in the future.

Building solid relationships with others have always been beneficial to both parties, as Stephine demonstrated in her life. She is a neuro therapist who lost her mother when she was two years old, but she has never let this trauma stop her from succeeding in life; she has always worked hard and made positive changes in her life. She is now working with the Concussion Community, a social media organization, on a training program to promote awareness about the benefits of Neurofeedback and traumatic brain injuries. Many people struggle with the passing of their mother, but Stephine handled it brilliantly. When her mother died, she grew up quickly and learned to care for herself. This aided her in becoming a better mother and gave her the will to succeed as a business owner. One of the most traumatic events most people will ever have was their mother’s death. This event will most likely impact your life, whether you had a great relationship, a bad relationship, or something in between. In one research, 20 percent to 30 percent of participants stated that losing a loved one was the most stressful event in their lives, even if they had had 11 or more terrible events.

When we express love, we return kindness to the person who sparked our gratitude. This act of appreciation enhances the likelihood of both people acting altruistically in the future. Gratitude and altruism are self-reinforcing and circular. First, gratitude generates a resilient network that will support you when you’re at your worst, interaction by interaction, person by person. The idea is to keep investing in those relationships instead of expecting they’ll always be there when you need them. Second, practicing gratitude rewires your brain to focus on positive situations rather than negative ones. Third, gratitude affects the hypothalamus, a brain region involved in energy maintenance and stress management. Gratitude increases the sensitivity of your mind to the impacts of dopamine and serotonin. These feel-good neurotransmitters help you stay motivated to get through difficult circumstances by reducing your sensitivity to anxiety. The conclusion is that gratitude physically alters the brain, allowing it to cope with adversity more effectively. It decreases the length of time it takes to recover from failures by training your brain to manage stress.

You can’t afford to get lost as an entrepreneur in these uncertain and challenging times. So, start a gratitude book, reach out to someone who has already assisted you, and think about all the beautiful things in your life.  Like Stephanie, she did not give up and persevered, and she is now enjoying her life as a successful Marriage and Family Therapist and a valued entrepreneur. It can be tough to be grateful for adverse situations, but by focusing on the positive consequences, you take power away from the bad and place it in the hands of the good.

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