Finding the first flat for sale in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Finding the first flat for sale in Dhaka, Bangladesh

July 29
20:44 2022

Find the best flat for sale in Dhaka with BestBari


Buying your first flat in Dhaka - Buy Flat Dhaka

Is there someone who is looking for his first flat in Dhaka? Although Dhaka is getting more populated each and every day, there are still some apartment vacancies which is actually favourable for first home buyers looking to buy a flat in Dhaka, due to attractive prices and more choices available.

If someone is buying his first flat in Dhaka, he is building an investment asset for the future with a home where he can live or rent in Dhaka now. Someone’s first flat purchase will likely be one of the most significant purchases he’ll make in a long time, so it is essential to do his research carefully and get the right advice before committing to a flat sale in Dhaka.  Thanks to BestBari, we have published this article to help everyone get the right tips on buying his first property. 

Research and planning

Purchasing an apartment is a huge commitment, so if someone wants to make sure he has thought it through thoroughly. Anyone’s journey to buying a flat in Dhaka starts with careful research and planning.

The first step is to decide on what type of property someone wants and in what location. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, what are someone’s targeted suburbs, and how many secure car parking spaces will someone need? Once anyone gets an idea of these specific requirements, research various Dhaka flats for sale in his desired locations and note the prices to set a realistic budget. Speak with someone’s private bank about how much money they can lend him, and he will get an idea of how much someone should be able to save for his first home deposit needed to purchase a property in Dhaka. When someone knows has savings goals, it will motivate everyone to work towards achieving his ideal first property.

Start saving early

To help someone achieve his savings goal required for his home deposit, maintain a strict monthly or weekly budget and set himself a target of how much to deposit to dedicated savings account for his home deposit.

Review anyone’s income and expenses regularly and find ways to cut his costs. Consider setting up a separate saving account with high interest and arrange an automatic debit to transfer a part of his monthly salary to his savings account.

Contribute any spare cash to someone’s savings account. For example, if someone receives a bonus at work or some money for his birthday, add it to his car savings account to help him achieve his property purchase. If someone is interested to learn more tips about saving for a flat in Dhaka, please read BestBari’s article using this link.

Monitor the Dhaka Property Market

Buying your first flat in Dhaka - Buy Flat Dhaka

Constantly research and monitor the Dhaka property market and be aware of price trends. Take note of the average apartment price movement in Dhaka. Also, keep an eye out for any significant changes in interest rates, tax rules, and regulations. If anyone interested in learning more about investing in the real estate market in Bangladesh, please read BestBari’s article on Why Invest Property in Bangladesh.

Location, location, location!

The location of everyone’s desired Dhaka flat for sale is probably the most significant factor influencing the price. For example, is the property close to good schools, shopping centres cafes and restaurants, and hospitals? Also, consider the demographics and status of the suburb; for example, are there primarily professionals, expatriates, and retirees living there?

In addition, consider the accessibility to transport and commuter link to offices essential for daily living and traveling to work. Other factors can negatively influence property prices, such as proximity to power plants, homeless shelters, and bars – so try and avoid these locations.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope that everyone has found this helpful article and ways to help him find tips to buy a flat in Dhaka. Please visit our News and Reviews page for more valuable articles like Easy ways to increase the value of anyone’s Dhaka flat. We wish everyone the best and hope anyone finds his perfect flat for sale in Dhaka!

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