Creative Biolabs Provides Top-Class Research Services to Support MSC and iPSC Projects

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Creative Biolabs Provides Top-Class Research Services to Support MSC and iPSC Projects

September 28
19:21 2022
With experienced scientists and advanced technologies, Creative Biolabs provides the best-in-class services to support MSC- and iPSC-based therapeutic development projects.

New York, USA – September 28, 2022 – Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have become the focus of regenerative medicine due to their strong proliferative ability, low immunogenicity, and easy access to materials. In recent years, placenta-derived MSCs have been increasingly used in disease treatment. Currently, mesenchymal stem cells have contributed the largest portion in terms of the number of clinical research projects all over the world, and nearly 10 mesenchymal stem cell drugs have been marketed worldwide.

Creative Biolabs provides cutting-edge cell therapy research services covering every stage of MSC development, including isolation, expansion, characterization, and differentiation.

Focusing on MSC differentiation, it is noteworthy that Creative Biolabs can help induce the differentiation of MSCs into adipogenic, osteogenic, and chondrogenic lineages using appropriate culture. Meanwhile, the long-term viability, multipotent potential, integrity, and uniformity of cells are all well ensured.

Creative Biolabs fully comprehends the different cell applications and detection endpoints, thus capable of achieving the desired functions and phenotypes for cell populations. In addition, Creative Biolabs promises to ensure the optimal culture with customized media tailored to project requirements, providing personalized support for MSC drug development projects.

Other than MSC, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) also provide a promising research direction for stem cell biology and clinical regenerative medicine.

Since the invention of iPSC technology, it has shown great potential in disease model establishment and mechanism research, cell therapy, drug discovery, etc.

Creative Biolabs provides full-scale iPSC services, including iPSC reprogramming, pluripotency characterization, and iPSC genome editing. With extensive expertise in basic stem cell research, Creative Biolabs is capable of accomplishing the iPSC projects within 16-24 weeks.

Among these, the advanced iPSC reprogramming service is a highlight of Creative Biolabs’ iPSC services, in which it can select the most appropriate reprogramming strategies according to the different projects, creating patient- and disease-specific stem cells for regenerative medicines.

Furthermore, Creative Biolabs has developed streamed-line protocols for efficient iPSC generation and provides several feasible methods for iPSC reprogramming, including iPSC reprogramming factor delivery strategy by viruses, iPSC reprogramming factor delivery by episomal vectors, as well as other iPSC reprogramming methods (mRNA, protein).

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