Dino VPN launches with competitive offers for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS to provide users with superior privacy and security.

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Dino VPN launches with competitive offers for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS to provide users with superior privacy and security.

September 29
20:06 2022
Dino VPN provides an innovative solution that is affordable and superior to combat existing and emerging cyber threats for iOS users.

As technological advances continue to dominate, cybersecurity has become a major concern for most internet users, especially due to growing cyber threats and the vulnerability of personal data. Using a VPN allows users access to the internet without worrying about their safety and security. Essentially, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) maintains user privacy by masking their location, IP address, search history, and more. It also enhances security by protecting personal data.

Dino VPN has launched its VPN app for iOS that provides users with superior cybersecurity solutions. Dino VPN helps users protect themselves and all their devices from external attacks and ensures private and secure internet access. The just-launched service is available for iOS mobile users, iPad, and Mac. Dino VPN is accessible to users in 12 locations across the globe, including Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and four states in the United States.

Dino VPN leverages WireGuard® protocol that maintains fast and reliable speeds and encryption levels while consuming a low battery. The VPN verifies every point of contact to ensure that the user’s device is always protected. In the short time since its launch, the app has received a lot of praise from users who enjoy its fast speed, reliable connections, and affordable subscription models.

The app is available for download in the Apple App Store, where users can then pick the subscription model they would like to use. The VPN works with streaming services, private web browsing, and mobile gaming with low latency. Dino VPN also supports concurrent VPN connections, meaning users can connect up to 5 devices. It also works with WiFi, LTE, 4G, 5G connections, and all mobile carriers. With Dino, VPN users can connect to public WiFi without compromising their personal data.

Price has been a consideration for Dino VPN during the development and launch of the app. Most people want a cost-effective solution, and, in most cases, this means Free. However, free VPN services might sell customer data to third parties. A paid VPN service like Dino VPN is the best way to ensure safety, security, and privacy. The app provides a monthly and yearly subscription with a free trial period to allow users to explore the app’s features.

As a launch offer, Dino VPN is providing a free coupon, ‘LAUNCHSPECIAL’ that new users can redeem to access Dino VPN services free for a month. This coupon works for mobile and iPad accounts but cannot be redeemed on a Mac unless it shares an iPad or iPhone account. To know more about Dino VPN, its features, and its launch offer, visit its website.

About Dino VPN

Dino VPN is an innovative solution that provides fast, secure, and private internet access for iOS users in 12 locations across the globe. The VPN uses WireGuard® protocol to provide ultra-fast connections that transcend digital borders while keeping the user’s personal data secure. The app is available for download and offers two affordable subscription models.

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