Introducing Cybersense, a car fragrance based on the Cybertruck with a mesmerizing scent

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Introducing Cybersense, a car fragrance based on the Cybertruck with a mesmerizing scent

September 30
16:12 2022

WildCharger, a technology company specializing in smart car products, is proud to launch its latest product, the Cybersense, a car fragrance based on the Cybertruck with a mesmerizing scent.

While maintaining a clutter-free car may seem easy, keeping a car that smells clean can seem a bit daunting. Like any vehicle, cars are often privy to the scent of stale air, dirty pets, and harsh odors. Purchasing a car fragrance—especially the Cybersense, so profoundly made by WildCharger, can not only improve the smell but can change the overall esthetics of your vehicle in an instant.

One of the prominent features of Cybersense is its special anti-slipping pad at the bottom, which ensures that the fragrance stands steadily even with a short brake. This means it can be placed anywhere, such as the car, office desk, or bedroom. This anti-slipping feature is complemented by three unique and charming scents to fill different atmospheres.

Apart from being used to diffuse fragrance, Cybersense has the following three properties:

 • Air purification: Remove indoor odors and keep the air indoors refreshing.

 • Humidity Regulation: When air is dry, diatom mud releases moisture into the air, and when air is humid, diatom mud absorbs the moisture in the air.

• Release of negative ions and infrared rays: This is good for regulating the micro-circulation of the human body and improving people’s sleep quality.

Speaking about the unique design of Cybersense, the founder of the company said: “When Cybertruck was first released, we were deeply attracted to its shape. Simple geometric shapes and stainless steel materials are combined into a product that does not seem to belong to this era or a product not belonging to this planet to satisfy my love for Cybertruck. I studied its aesthetics and simplistic design relationship in-depth. Based on these understandings, we have created an equally outstanding fragrance product that lives up to our eagerness for it.”

WildCharger is on a mission to introduce its Cybersense on the largest possible scale. This is to improve the standards of life and develop technology, which is the foundation of present-day civilization. Cybersense fragrance is suitable for use in all kinds of scenarios in our life. Its design is remarkably eye-catching, whether in the bedroom, office desk or car. It is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and has strong water absorption. It is a perfect vehicle fragrance to keep car owners happy and satisfied.

To get an in-depth look at the fascinating Cybersense, check out the company’s page on Kickstarter.

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