The GHome Smart wall outlet USB plug offers an affordable and user-friendly option for remotely controlling up to six appliances

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The GHome Smart wall outlet USB plug offers an affordable and user-friendly option for remotely controlling up to six appliances

March 24
17:36 2023

For remotely controlling up to six appliances, the GHome Smart wall outlet USB plug offers an affordable and user-friendly option. It easily interacts with both Alexa and Google Assistant and has three smart USB ports. For more than 7 years, GHome Smart has produced inexpensive routers and powerline adapters. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include some of the greatest smart home gadgets on the market right now. They offer the best smart plugs, light bulbs, and switches.

Simple to use, 3 smart sockets, 3 smart USB Ports, 3 always-on sockets, space-saving design, Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, and Timer and countdown are the features that surprise you.

The three smart sockets give you versatile and individualized options for managing your devices by enabling both independent and group control capabilities. But only a group can control the three smart USB ports.

Design that saves space

 With the wall outlet USB plug, you can organize your cords and make the most of your space without a hub, making the area look cleaner and bigger.

 Smart Plug with USB Ports: Amazon sells power strips with integrated USB ports so you may simultaneously charge several gadgets. Mobile devices, smartwatches, and earphones can all be charged at once using one of the many charging stations that Amazon has to offer.

Scenes that you’ll undoubtedly use

 Fish tanks: You can use a smart USB outlet to manage your fish tank’s lighting and filtration system. The lights can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or on a schedule.

 Plant Lamps: By using smart plugs for Alexa to regulate the lighting system of your plant lamps, you can maximize the growth of your indoor plants.

 When you are away from home, you can turn on the water feeder for cats and dogs through your mobile phone’s settings.

Kitchen Appliances: Smart plugs can be used to operate toasters, slow cookers, and coffee makers in the kitchen. It is simple to have a hot dinner or beverage ready for you when you return home since you can program your appliances to switch on and off automatically according to a schedule.

 Home entertainment systems, phones, computers, fans, lamps, and other devices can all be controlled by a smart plug with USB.


Smart outlets let forgetful people remotely regulate their appliances, giving them peace of mind. Voice control is made possible by the WiFi plug’s integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. The Gosund or Smartlife app and a Wi-Fi connection are all that are needed to set up the plugs. The Alexa smart plugs allow users to conveniently handle a variety of devices by turning on and off appliances, setting timers and schedules, and grouping them with other GHome Smart devices. Energy and money savings via home automation.


There is a simple setup. It can change the name and make scenarios and schedules

By just putting the power strip into an outlet and downloading the app to your smartphone, you can quickly set up the smart plugs for Alexa. The plug will be immediately detected and connected to by the app once you have connected your phone to the plug’s Wi-Fi network. The software has a help option for troubleshooting if any problems should occur. Note: 2.4 GHz WiFi connection is required. The socket names can then be given.

Once configured, the app enables you to define schedules for when the plug should be turned on or off and build groups of devices to control numerous devices at once. The Scenes tab also enables you to automate several smart home devices simultaneously.

GHome Smart has been producing affordable powerline adapters for over two decades, range includes top-rated smart switches, light bulbs, and plugs.

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