Renowned clothing brand LOULOU celebrates 11 years of fashion excellence with its new collection.

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Renowned clothing brand LOULOU celebrates 11 years of fashion excellence with its new collection.

June 05
20:21 2023
LOULOU, a pioneer of innovative fashion, unveils ‘Brilliant Blues,’ a luxurious collection that seamlessly blends contemporary and vintage styles.

Inspired by the grandeur of fashion from the era of Queen Marie-Antoinette, LOULOU combines luxurious embellishments with down-to-earth denim for the perfect amalgamation of modern elegance.

About the Company 

Founded in 2012 by Creative Designer Andra Turcanu in Bucharest, Romania, LOULOU is a fashion and accessories design studio renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and eclectic creativity. With a vision that embraces Eastern European cultural heritage and contemporary innovation, the brand captivates fashion enthusiasts worldwide with its modern interpretations of femininity and artistic flair. 

LOULOU encapsulates a distinct form of luxury that sets it apart from the refined and impeccably tailored aesthetic associated with designer fashion. Instead, it heralds a new era of modern luxury, drawing inspiration from the lavish lifestyles and unrestrained spirit of 90s pop icons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, as well as the trailblazing glamor girls of today, including Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. 

LOULOU’s dedication to preserving traditional, handmade craftsmanship shines through in every stitch, embellishment, and meticulously chosen detail. Through its commitment to the art of craftsmanship, LOULOU amplifies the narratives of gifted artisans, creating a platform that allows their talents to shine on a global stage.

Brilliant Blues: The Perfect Blend of Luxury and Contemporary Fashion

The ‘Brilliant Blues’ collection encapsulates 11 years of excellent craftsmanship and innovation with its stunning pieces. Breaking the monotony of the same styles reiterated by different brands, LOULOU aims for something bigger and brighter with its collection. The line draws inspiration from the loud and luxurious fashion of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s era, incorporating detailed handcrafted appliques with denim to create unique and regal pieces that have people turning heads.

LOULOU offers royal-esque pieces like their Zoe Mignonne Top, featuring stunning embellishments inspired by the famed bow brooches worn by Queen Elizabeth. The top is an exciting take on the everyday tee, elevating any outfit it’s paired with. From jewel-studded skirts and jeans to complimentary embellished pieces, the Brilliant Blue line lives up to its namesake and offers a variety of eclectic and chic looks for a fashion-forward crowd. 

LOULOU aims for new heights with its recent collection, and the company’s commitment to combining premium quality materials with the work of skilled artisans sets it apart from others in the industry. 

Speaking to creative designer and founder Andra Turcanu, “Our ‘Brilliant Blues’ collection perfectly embodies LOULOU’s multifaceted and alluring style: a fusion of elegance, whimsical charm, and vibrant energy. To mark our 11th anniversary, we let ourselves be inspired by the allure of royal jewels and tried to capture the richness of history and the aristocratic sophistication. We have crafted each garment with attention to detail, using only the finest materials and fabrics. We used the brilliance of regal hues of green, red, and blue in our crystal appliqués to create a sense of exuberance and luxury.”


LOULOU forges a distinct path in the fashion industry with its visionary designs, seamlessly merging everyday style with luxurious elements. With an unwavering commitment to quality, the company’s skilled artisans are celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship, producing exquisite pieces that captivate fashion enthusiasts.

Their new collection ‘Brilliant Blues’ exemplifies their commitment and artistry, combining denim with meticulously crafted embellishments and offering a range of options for the fashion savvy.

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