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How A Former Principal Is Teaching Fellow Educators To Turn Around Their School In 180 Days

While many schools across the country struggle with student proficiency, Dr. Gemar Mills has distilled a model to close the achievement gap of failing schools at a prodigious speed PATERSON,

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Baxel Data Systems Announces Cue Player One Software Offering One Operator Performing Arts Technical Production

The stage and theatre production software makes production easier, with cueing for sound, light, and video in one place. Stage managers can now run the performance themselves or give calls

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Experience Evaluation of Chinese Temperature and Vibration Integrated Sensors

In an industrial automation site with increasingly complex systems, the temperature and vibration conditions of various bearings, motors, and pump bodies have been closely related to the health and efficiency

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United Safety Agents Debuts New Service Focused on FSVP Compliance for E-commerce & Amazon Sellers

United Safety Agents offers a guaranteed and trusted option to gain entry into the U.S. e-commerce marketplace through FDA FSVP compliance. United Safety Agents, an industry leader in Foreign Supplier

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Reasons to fall in love with Inner Mongolia

Sitting at the exact north of China, Inner Mongolia extends across 29 longitudes and 16 altitudes, accounting for 1/8 of

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Long Live the Spirit of Children of the Grassland

In the spirit of searching for memories of heroes, and gather the power of times, inherit the red legacy and

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Brilliance Air 3-Ply Disposable Masks

Disposable Masks Made In USA. Brilliance Air, a mask-making California-based company owned by Sam Jannati, kickstarted in May 2020. Covid

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Ecomitize Offers Businesses with Complete Ecommerce Integration Solutions for Faster Growth Online

The world-class web development company, Ecomitize LLC, is offering complete eCommerce solutions that enable a faster roadmap to growth and

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Soaring High: Corey Everhart of Build Thrive Succeed Paves the Way for Entrepreneurs

Although independence and self-reliance are essential qualities to have, today’s most successful entrepreneurs can attest that establishing a reputable standing

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Activities held in Taizhou to celebrate Winter Solstice

A grand sacrificial ceremony to mark the Winter Solstice is held in Yangjia village, Sanmen county, Taizhou… A grand sacrificial

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December 2020