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7:32AM Music – A Record Label By The Talented Hip-Hop/Rap Artist J-Killa

7:32AM Music, a record label discovered by John Jenkins, who is more commonly known as J-Killa. J-Killa is an acronym for “Just Killing It Lyrically Like Always.” Waynesboro, Georgia, United

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Policy Advocacy Campaign by U Fit The Description Strives to Shatter the Stereotypical Mindset Around People of Color

U Fit The Description is changing the narrative bringing about social justice and change. Middletown, DE, United States – Founded by Scott Johnson, U Fit The Description changes the narrative

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‘Storytime Phoenix’ Promotes Cultural Diversity Among Children, Sowing Seeds of Inclusivity

Founder, Phoenix Hawkins, employing the power of reading and the art of storytelling, steps up to create the leaders of tomorrow. Dallas, Texas, United States – The growth in diversity

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DHG LTD releases Mogu Smart Router (MSR) Version 2 in Japan

Tokyo, JP – February 27, 2021 – DHG LTD (Daiko Holding Group), a global communications group operating from Tokyo, released the Mogu Smart Router (MSR) Version 2 in Japan on

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Action Compaction now Expanding Operations into Arizona and Southern California

Answering customer demand the team at Action Compaction has expanded, offering custom trash compactor services with expert sales help across

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Desiree’ Stapleton Facilitating Personal Growth in Many Professionals’ Careers and Lives

Many people want to reach their professional goals but hit roadblocks that hinder them from doing so. Personal growth and

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The Sànanikone Group NYC Establishes the Sànanikone Legacy in New York City’s Real Estate Industry

It is not uncommon for people to get into their family’s business or industry as people often continue the tradition

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Sarah Kpossa Growing and Thriving as a Model and Business Woman

Having an ambitious spirit is one thing; getting the opportunity to put that drive to the test is another. Sarah

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Gabriel Bush, the Multi-Talented Personality Carving a Path Toward the Forefront of the Entertainment Industry

With the advent of digital technology and the widespread use of online-based platforms, people now have the means to reach

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Bankshot Media, Inc. on Revolutionizing the Sports Industry and Joining the Upcoming SXSW

Dominating the world of sports entails more than possessing raw skills and innate abilities. Those who have emerged on top

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February 2021