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Making Songs with Great Lyrics and Producer Work: This is Attila Papp

Drafting outstanding collaborations between authors and musicians, and making songs inspired by old legendary music, artist Attila Papp is an artist to be reckoned in the world of music Up-and-coming

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At the Edge of Life – 15 short stories that will change lives

“At the Edge of Life” by Essa Bayoumi Essa Bayoumi takes readers of “At the Edge of Life” on a journey through time and space while forgetting time and space.

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Film & Television Industry Leaders Partner With Tech Giants As They Announce Launch Of New Venture In Tech Space

Apex Kitasu Media is one of the entertainment industry’s leading production companies, having worked with NBC, Discovery Plus and many more. Apex Kitasu Media owners Anthoni Styvens and Patrick Hilaire

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Mutt Productions/Allied Artists Time Travel Comedy Rockin’ In Time Lands Aaron Lee Lopez to Direct

Left Aaron Lee Lopez, Director; Top-Right R. Scott Leisk, Casting Director; Bottom-Right Yaniv Raphael ‘Rafi’ Bar, Distribution Executive In addition to announcing Lopez as director, the time travel movie has

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Welham & Co’s custom house portraits make for a thoughtful, unique gift

Welham & Co’s custom house portraits create a homely feeling with a watercolor of any home, printed on thick, durable,

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FAN CHING HSAING is the ambassador of the 16th Milan Video Art Festival. His public service work Love is exhibited for the first time in MA-EC Italy.

01 The 16th Milan Video Art Festival and Public Welfare Ambassador The 16th Milan Video Art Festival is about to

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CD ComputaBio Launches Homology Modeling Service for Drug Screening and Discovery

CD ComputaBio has recently launched homology modeling service to help researchers deeply understand the structure-activity relationship of the target protein,

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Financial Help is Available for Families of Children with Autism

Sudden financial strain after a child’s Autism diagnosis is unavoidable. Various support programs are announced by Autism Treatment Center in

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The Road Trip Renaissance in a Post-Pandemic World – 60 Million People Plan To Go RVing This Summer

Planny Drive is expecting more than 60 Million people to be planning on going RVing this summer. The great American

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Skillroads unveils first online resume builder powered by Artificial Intelligence

Skillroads takes resume generation to the next level by bringing an innovative AI resume builder created for those searching for

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July 2021